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Some Hard Truths About “The Holiday Season”

This might be difficult for some parents to comprehend the  Santa Claus myth. That you  are lying to your children. This myth is so entrenched into the culture that you will get reprimanded for telling the truth. A few years ago, the morning disc jockey at Babylon, New York’s WBAB-FM told his young listeners that there was no Santa Claus. Outraged mothers and fathers complained to the station, and disc jockey John Parise was forced to apologize.

What A Paradox!

Parents want their children to learn to tell the truth. Nevertheless, they set an example of lying to their children about Santa Clause and may even become upset when the lie is exposed! In the reality of these traditions, not only Santa Claus, Christmas cards, Christmas trees and the litany of traditions has nothing to do with the birth of Christ. Americans regardless if there are Christians or not are swept into the Christmas frenzy of spending money. Moreover, every year many say, or go along with, Christmas is the happiest time in the year. Not true, behind that commercial facade it’s the most dangerous. Fact, Police records and other media records indicate no other season has more shop lifting, and feuds, together with drunk drivers, accidents, fires, divorces, depression, and suicides.

A new analysis of mortality rates during different times during the year found that people are more likely to die during the ” Holiday Season ” notably on Christmas and New Year’s Day” and researchers cannot explain the yearly spike. More people die in-hospital emergency wards, or dead-on arrival, on Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day than on any other days throughout the year. The celebration of Christmas is nothing more than a money-making mechanism for revenue. The major companies gain most of their revenue during the Christmas seasons. Whereas, those of us that are fortunate enough to escape the tragedy of a Christmas death only to be confronted with massive debt.

The ” Holiday Day Season, ” means different things to each ethnic group. It is essential as African-Americans to put things in its proper perspective. First, acknowledge the cultural differences. Although, some entertain that we are a big happy family. The truth is, we are not. Obviously, we cannot identify with our culture because it was substituted during slavery. African-Americans are living these changes. Whereas, we speak English, and predominately Protestant, influenced by the misrepresentation of history that is extenuated by the media. Candidly, reminded, ” America is the land of Immigrants. Presupposing the native Americans and the former slaves did not exist.

Realizing the seasonal traditions are merely a money-making mechanism that’s promoted by the 1 per centers. It suffices to say. Each family should recessed their spending habits. Financial prudence should take precedent over reckless spending.


 How should we use these holidays?

The Thanksgiving gatherings to reinforce the family values, is a good option. Christmas traditions are entrenched; into Western culture and impossible to ignore. Fortunately, African-Americans have an alternative, thanks to Dr. Maulana Karenga, creator the Kwanzaa Celebration. Kwanzaa was born of the whirlwind of social and political changes over the sixties decade. The sixties represented one of many eras during which the African and African-American struggle for freedom and self-identity reached its historical peak, spawning multiple revolutionary movements.

Happy Holiday Season!

By: Sabamya Jaugu

African Manifesto

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