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The Come Up Haters – The Gantt Report


The Come Up Haters - The Gantt Report
Say no to hate.

AFRICANGLOBE – We all know the answer to the Malcolm X question about “Who taught you to hate yourself?”.

Well, Malcolm was assassinated and the original hate teachers are dead and gone but many in the African American community continue to hate their brothers and sisters!

Many members of your family, several of your closest friends and most of your coworkers and business associates are hating you in public and in private.

What are they hating? They smile in your face but hate it when your relationship is better than theirs, they hate it when your job is better than theirs and they hate it when your business is bigger and better than theirs.

Too many people hate it when you get a come up!

Social media is the promised land for come up haters. They will click “like” on your social media posts and talk about you behind your back.

They hate it when you find your soul mate, hate it when you get married, hate it when you lose weight and they get fat, hate it when you travel and they can’t leave the state or the neighborhood.

Like The Gantt Report says, “Every Jesus has his or her Judas!” We all have someone close to us in our lives that will turn on us, betray us and, in a way, stab us in the back!

Sometimes your favorite relative, your closest coworker, your best friend even the best man or matron of honor at your wedding will turn out to be a come up hater!

You may not believe it but don’t even try to think that everyone is happy you accomplished your goals, followed your dream, took care of your business or married the person you love that loves you back.

A lot of the people that smile and tell you “good job” or “I’m proud of you” don’t mean it at all!

In a capitalist society, much of the come up hate is all about the money. If you find money, make money, inherit money or win the lottery haters will come out of the woodwork!

The money doesn’t care where it came from but the come up haters hate where the money ends up!

Is it hate that will make you fire your brother or sister who has done no wrong just because the devilish job supervisor tells you to fire your friend? Is it hate that will cause you to give false testimony in court because some devil will promise you a job if help him get rid of your good friend and send him to jail or an unemployment line? Is it hate when you family and friends depend on you and you refuse to keep your promises, show up on time or pay your share of the agreed upon costs in a personal or business venture?

I think so!

It’s 2016, an election year, and many candidates will show their hate for you by refusing to consider you for political jobs and contracts. Instead of advertising on Black web sites or in Black print or broadcast companies, the Black candidates that you love and support will do business with less qualified individuals or companies of another race just because they hate Black professionals or Black entrepreneurs!

Don’t let the come up haters get to you. They didn’t help you come up and they can’t knock you down!

Keep on trying, keep on striving and continue to be successful no matter who throws salt on you or who hates the accomplishments you make!

People have always hated The Gantt Report and its author but they can’t stop it.

Let the haters hate you but they can’t kill what can’t be killed! They can hate but they can’t do what you can do!

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