Head Wound And Broken Nose, Zimmerman Still Could Have Murdered Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman
Zimmerman’s injuries

Much is being made about the release of images and a report that George Zimmerman had a broken nose and lacerations on the back of his head from his encounter with 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, whom Zimmerman ended up killing.

Prof. Alan Dershowitz for example has gone as far as to suggest that the Special Prosecutor Angela Cory should drop second degree murder charges against Zimmerman because the reported evidence, if confirmed, is consistent with Zimmerman’s claim of self defense. In other words, Zimmerman was within his right to use lethal force to end an attack on him by Trayvon Martin.

Yet, Trayvon Martin had more of a right to defend himself if he believed Zimmerman, who had followed him, was out to cause him harm or to kill him; and indeed he did. What would you think someone’s intentions were if he or she follows at night and is clearly not a member of an official police force? (Given the fact that many Black males are even wary of encounters with the police?) So why would Zimmerman have any more right to “defend himself” than Trayvon Martin?

Zimmerman was told not to follow Trayvon but he did anyway. Why did he do this? Because Zimmerman knew he had a gun in his possession and that he was prepared to use deadly force against Trayvon Martin thereby minimizing his risk after he defied the instruction not to follow Martin.

In fact, it can be argued that since Zimmerman knew police officers were coming because of his 911 call, the only opportunity he had to use deadly force against Trayvon Martin was before the police got there. After all, as Zimmerman had said on his 911, clearly disappointed, “These a-holes, they always get away…”

Zimmerman wanted to be a “hero” and to make sure this particular “they,” Trayvon Martin, did not “get away..” Maybe he wanted to make a citizens arrest of this “suspect”? And why was Trayvon Martin a “suspect”? He was a Black young man — and that was enough for Zimmerman.

Martin was doomed the minute Zimmerman concluded he was the embodiment of all the previous “theys” who had gotten away.

That is pre-meditation and it’s very possible Zimmerman had his gun already drawn when he approached Trayvon Martin. After all, how would he have known that Trayvon Martin himself was not armed as well? Why would he take that chance and not, at the very least, have his finger on the trigger if he was approaching someone whom he feared?

Trayvon would have been fully entitled, indeed obligated, to defend himself. The physical encounter between Zimmerman and Trayvon, initiated by ZImmerman the second he decided to defy the 911 dispatcher’s order not to follow the teenager, is more damning for Zimmerman.

One of the new “evidence” revealed was that Trayvon Martin had THC in his blood, an active ingredient found in marijuana. If that is a justification for following someone and shooting them dead, Zimmerman would have millions of legitimate targets, Black and White.

Trayvon was killed by Zimmerman because he was trying to preserve his life when he believed an armed stalker was about to end it.