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Hey MGTOW Clowns: A Sex Doll Can Never Replace A Real Woman!


Hey MGTOW Clowns: A Sex Doll Can Never Replace A Real Woman!
Preferring a piece of plastic doll over a real woman has got to be a mental illness issue.

AFRICANGLOBE – Steadily and surely, machines are taking over every day activities. They’re on the production line where they’re faster, more economically efficient and can’t call in sick or hung-over. They’re in hospital operating rooms, where they can perform surgery with a steadier hand than any human being. The fear is they could malfunction!

When the vibrator first hit the sex toy scene, very few people gave it the thumps up – until several varieties started popping up and a lot of women started worshipping the gadgets for giving them the orgasms that had hitherto eluded them, A lot of men were quite resentful they weren’t as indispensable as they thought. The ‘good news’ is that men too can relish in sex toys.

Full-sized realistic female toys that do virtually anything their ‘lord and master’ wants them to. “A brothel has just forked out £6,000 for its second “virtual sex doll’ – after the original one had become MORE popular among punters than the real women,” a recent report read. Isn’t it frightening that men are paying more for sex with a doll than with a woman? Just how virtually real are these things?

The report continues: “The appropriately named Fanny Sex doll can be hired for £73 (N36,000) per hour, with all profit going to the brothel owner. In business parlance, they’re great for the ‘bottom line’. It wouldn’t be a surprise if, very shortly, we saw the first brothel populated solely by sex dolls.”

The big question though is, why on earth would someone choose to have sex with a doll rather than a real human being? Fanny’s owner said he wasn’t going to stop at just two virtual dolls, he wanted lots more. “The doll does not have a single sexual wish unfulfilled,” he said. “If you’re a bloke paying for sex in whatever form, you’ll want something pretty exceptional rather than a quick-in-and-out. This could be sex in a certain position or something a little more fetish-focused.

“All of this can be achieved with a doll because well, at the end of the day it’s an inanimate, highly flexible object with no feelings and zero inhibitions.” Not everyone agrees. Peter Laskaris, who operates two brothels in Vienna said, “It’s just a trendy sex fetish, basically something that will wear off as the dolls wear out.” He could be right. Trends do come and go.

What’s popular now may be no more than something to reminisce about with friends in 10 years’ time. But he could be very very wrong. Almost everything in today’s society is becoming robotic, automated and virtual, so why not sex?! And if the female dolls do become all the rage, will women be in the market for male sex dolls too? And if that happens, would it really be so bad? Just imagine, realistic sex of their

(women) choosing that doesn’t end with the words, ‘Urgh, I’m done. Shall I finish you off with my fingers?’

Sex without limitations sounds like bliss. But the reality could be a bit daunting. Doll sex is passionless, unemotional, detached. There is no feeling, no love. Peter Laskaris continued: “Imagine a world where we all owned personal sex dolls. It would be a much colder, much more sterile world. It would fray our emotions.

We’d probably become emotionally detached from the opposite sex. And if we did ever get together for a bit of rumpy pumpy, could it ever compete with our robot friends? No, I’m sorry, but for me, the real thing is the only thing – warts and all. But that doesn’t stop me fearing for the future. We are already in the grip of virtual reality mania. Sex is not going to escape it. And this could be just the beginning.

“Sex robots are still in their infancy. Imagine if they get so real they can not only have sex with us, but cook and clean the house too! For the first time, this is starting to sound like a real possibility, not just science fiction. There will come a point where medical science will be able to grow fake vajayjays and phalluses using real human tissue. Put it all together and it’s not rocket science to realise how marketable this could be. The virtual future frightens me and it should frighten you too … “.


By: Emmanuel Okogba

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