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Homosexual Rapist Cop Who Murdered Sylville Smith Finally Charged


Homosexual Rapist Cop Who Murdered Sylville Smith Finally Charged
Dominque Heaggan-Brown is a known deviant who hated Sylville Smith from childhood.

AFRICANGLOBE – The former Milwaukee police officer who shot and killed Sylville Smith, sparking days of unrest in Milwaukee has been charged with first-degree reckless homicide.

Dominque Heaggan-Brown was charged Thursday morning.

Smith was shot and killed Aug. 13 on North 44th Street.

According to the criminal complaint, a review of the body camera footage from Smith and another officer allegedly showed that Smith fled from police carrying a semi-automatic handgun with an extended magazine. The video showed Smith slip, rise back to his feet with the gun, then allegedly raised the gun upward while looking in the direction of the officers and throw the gun over the fence into the yard.

Smith’s firearm was not discharged, the complaint says.

When Smith allegedly raised his gun upward, Heaggan-Brown discharged one shot from his service weapon at Smith and Smith fell to the ground on his back.

It was later determined that Heaggan-Brown’s first shot struck Smith in his right arm, the complaint says.

Heaggan-Brown is then seen standing a short distance from Smith with his weapon pointed down at Smith when Heaggan-Brown discharges a second shot from his weapon at what appears to be Smith’s chest.

Heaggan-Brown was charged in October with second-degree sexual assault in that incident and another from July in which prosecutors said Heaggan-Brown had sexually-explicit photos on his cellphone of him and a second man taken when that victim was passed out. Heaggan-Brown was also charged with two counts of prostitution. In the charging document, prosecutors allege he offered two men money for sex on several occasions dating back to December 2015.

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