Honest Criticism Is Great, But Solutions Are Better!

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AFRICANGLOBE – This current Administration has been less than robust in addressing issues critical to the Black community.

Behind the high Black unemployment numbers are real problems such as high rates of housing foreclosures and unprecedented high rates when it comes to reduced income and wealth within the Black community.

The voices of deception, led by the Rev. Al Sharpton and other Black television personalities on CNBC have drown out the criticism of this Administration’s dismal performance regarding Black unemployment and poverty.

However, well known critics of Mr. Obama should shoulder some of the blame also. While the criticism of Mr. Obama and his Administration is warranted, this is all Mr. Obama’s critics appear to have done, is criticize.

They have not suggested meaningful solutions to the high rate of black unemployment and nationwide poverty which stand a chance of being approved by the President and both houses of Congress.

While criticism is fine, acceptable solutions are even better. If you look at this President’s modus operandi, you will find this man is not a risk taker when its comes to domestic policy decisions.

He handed the job of writing a national health insurance plan to Congressional Democrats, and tweaked it to his liking with their approval once it was completed. Why? It would have looked ridiculously stupid to the country if Congressional Democrats did not pass a plan they themselves were largely responsible for writing.

He favored gays’ constitutional right to marry after having his Vice President test the waters to see what kind of reception it would get by voters. His endorsement of the Dream Act, which gave a path of citizenship to many illegal immigrants in this country was done near the end of his first term to get the Spanish vote.

However, the Dream Act as a solution to the path of citizenship for many young people was available for endorsement the first day he walked into the oval office. He now favors a national solution to gun control due to the national out cry over the killing of young children in Connecticut. Does anyone recall if he favored such a position on gun control prior to this incident?

Less Criticism and More Solutions

If the critics of Mr. Obama are to succeed in getting him to endorse any plan that will affect nationwide poverty and economic problems in the Black community, they have to come up with a solution. They have to then build a consensus within the nation for that solution (http://www.sslumpsum.com) and then and only then will this Administration probably consider it.

Experience shows, without a plan or a solution for the public to focus and take a position on, helping him to determine what position he will take, Mr. Obama is unlikely to initiate dramatic policies of change in regard to poverty and unemployment.

In the meantime, well positioned and dutiful pawns of deception like Rev. Sharpton, will drown out any criticism of the Administration’s dismal handling of five years of double digit Black unemployment and nationwide poverty.

Thus people like Dr. Cornel West and Mr. Tavis Smiley cease to be relevant in the fight to affect this Administration’s policy regarding high Black unemployment and poverty because they become vilified characters in a road show of criticism and counter criticism orchestrated by the White House who admittedly occupies the high ground in such arguments. Thus, West and Smiley become the lead story, as we have seen, rather than the subject of Black unemployment and poverty.

You see, the voices of deception which legitimize this Administration’s policies, when it comes to Blacks and poverty, can not be drown out with criticism from Dr. West and Mr. Smiley or anyone else, but they can be drown out with solutions.

Solutions when presented, require men and women to take positions. And when we take positions, our true nature is exposed. When this occurs, we get to see the true nature and character of everyone including these pretenders of Black leadership who say their interest is the improvement of Blacks and the Black community.

Finally, people like the Rev. Sharpton and others who are pretenders to the title of Black leaders are exposed for the political prostitutes they really are. Why are we afraid to present and discuss solutions to the problems which plague us? Do we as a people feel incompetent to function in this arena?


By; James Davis

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