Know Your Internet Memes

Know Your Internet Memes

We all know the real use for the Internet is to just spread stupid humor. We could be researching the origins of nebulae, brushing up on our Greek philosophy, or even just reading for the latest news. But instead we’re watching all the different versions of Nyan Cat on YouTube. Are we just that dense? Do we constantly need to be amused to forget about the atrocities happening in the world? Well, partly, yes we do. For some of us, we don’t reach beyond comical sites and YouTube. The rest know how to balance the intelligent with the stupid.

As long as you’re aware there is a Presidential election happening this year and that there will never be peace in the Middle East, it’s okay to spend most of your time watching videos of kittens. Since more people talked about Rebecca Black than important news happening at the time, you might as well learn your Internet memes. Years ago it would have been embarrassing if you didn’t know what was currently happening in the news, and by news I mean worldly events that actual adults talk about. But today, if you don’t know who Rebecca Black is and why her song is an atrocity to one’s ears, you’re given blank stares with mouths agape.

With so much information and new memes popping up all the time, it’s practically a full-time job in and of itself. I don’t know what I would do without websites like Know Your Meme. You can browse past memes and check out the latest ones just starting to make their way around the interweb. You have your more popular memes like “Antoine Dodson/bed intruder” and “hipster Ariel” to your more obscure like “disaster girl” (a little girl Photoshopped into pictures of disasters to imply she did it) and “hover hand” (pictures of men awkwardly placing their arm around a woman with the hand hovering just above, resulting in no skin-to-skin contact).

As long as you’re up to date with your Internet memes, you can feel like you’re in the loop and know what’s going on in the world. You can be the center of attention at a party when you tell people about a meme that hasn’t even blown up the Internet yet. Internet memes make great conversation starters during awkward dates and encounters on the subway with old acquaintances.

Internet memes may not be the most important bits of news floating around on the web, but they sure can brighten up your day as you witness the stupidity and ridiculousness of others. is a part of, a blogging network. Check out more content from Fing Bing, and dozens of other blog sites by visiting