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Interracial Dating: My Thoughts On Swirling


Interracial Dating: My Thoughts On Swirling
Are you down with the swirl?

AFRICANGLOBE – There is a push by the powers that be to systemically break up The Black Family Structure not only by pushing agendas like feminism and homosexuality, but also swirling aka interracial relationships.

The swirling agenda is being heavily pushed in the media through shows like Scandal to psychologically convince Black women to think that “Black Men Won’t Protect You“, “Black Men Ain’t Sh*t” and “Black Men Won’t Be There For You” and to some degree, some Black women have bought into this false misconception of the media’s portrayal of Black men.

Another way that swirling is being pushed is through Negropeans telling a brother or a sister that Caucasian women and men will “love you better” and “take good care of you“.

I have made a few posts on social media about the negative comments that some brothers and sisters have said as “justification” for even engaging in swirling.

Examples: Any brother who justifies their decision to engage in swirling by bashing the sisters by saying stuff like “These B*tches Ain’t Sh*t” or “These H*es Ain’t Loyal” is NOT a real brother at all.

Any sister who justifies their decision to engage in swirling by bashing the brothers by saying stuff like “These N*ggas Ain’t Sh*t” or “These Guys Ain’t Loyal” is NOT a real sister at all.

Swirling is even being promoted in the entertainment, music, and sports industry when the media constantly perpetuates the images of famous Black men like Taye Diggs or Michael Jordan in public or on the carpet with their female Caucasian “trophy cases“.

When I look at those images with a critical eye, I’m thinking that these famous Negropean men are flaunting their self-hate by telling these sisters that “they ain’t sh*t“, “they ain’t good enough” or “we don’t want them anymore“.

Also a Black man who says things like that are very insecure about themselves to the point of not standing a very strong Black woman both physically and mentally who can tell them how to be a strong Black man.

When a Black man/white woman or Black woman/white man mate, they create mulattoes that will grow up being very confused about their identity and where they fit in until they get much older.

And the swirling with mulatto kids are also being promoted in magazines and commercials like a Cheerios commercial that came out a few years ago that depicted a Black man with a white woman and their mullato child and many people were pissed off with the commercial and I became pissed off about the commercial for different reasons and it was because they were pushing the false stereotype of Black men and Black women “not wanting to be together” and the false glorification of “mullatoes are better than Black babies” and that commercial personally disgusted me.

About two months ago, I wrote down 10 Ways In Which White Caucasian Women Systematically Destroy Black Men:

10 Ways In Which White Caucasian Women Systematically Destroy Black Men:

1. Falsely accuse them of rape and that either destroys their reputation or get locked up for it (Ex: A White Woman falsely accuses ex-Florida St. QB Jameis Winston for raping her)

2. Falsely accuse them of committing crimes and they get locked up for it

3. Date & Marry them when they are rich so that they can financially suck them dry and leave them and their wealth goes from his Community to her Community

4. Use their system to award them custody of their kids.

5. Using mulattoes as pawns to psychologically and physically destroy Black men.

6. Tricks Black men into having sex with them so that they can breed mulattoes they can have so that they can also financially suck them dry through child support payments.

7. Use Black men to do their dirty work in some cases until they snitch on them.

8. Drug their drinks so that they can steal some of their rich priced items so they can pawn or sell for profit.

9. Legally allowed to get away with sleeping with young Black teens at school.

10. Legally allowed to get away with violent crimes against Black men (Ex: Tiger Woods’s Ex-Wife Erin violently assaulted him with a golf club & was seen as a “hero” for her actions).

To Black men and Black women that engage in miscegenation are supporting & glorifying the systemic breaking of The Black Family.

The Conclusion – I will always be a supporter of Strong Healthy Black Families and Black Love because no other group of families and love will ever compare to Black Families and Black Love.


BY: Joe Davis

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