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James Robertson Fund Nears $300K In Three Days, Support Continues


James Robertson Fund Nears $300K In Three Days, Support Continues
James Robertson

AFRICANGLOBE – Over the past few days, the James Robertson fund at GoFundMe.org has continued to rocket upwards toward $300,000. Who says there are no good people left in the world?

Several testimonials have poured into the site as contributors give to the James Robertson fund, generously and with selfless intention. It’s truly good to see so many acknowledging the endurance and perseverance of another individual.

Nothing is certain, but the fund’s success seems to guarantee that Robertson won’t have too many more days of walking or commuting by bus ahead of him

If you’re new to the story, James Robertson is a Detroit-man who has walked 21 miles to and from work for the last 10 years — all without a word of complaint. A student, Evan Leedy, recognized the issue and started the James Robertson Fund you see today.

While the current fundraising total may seem as if it’s been raised over the course of months, this fund was started only 3 days ago. Since then, people from all walks have been inspired to show their gratitude for his determination over the last decade. In just three days, this Detroit-man has gone from under-the-radar commuter to full-blown celebrity. Some are even calling him the “Super Commuter.”

As can be seen below, he receives a ride to work while Blake Pollock, UBS Vice President of Wealth Management and co-founder of the James Robertson fund, entertains.

James Robertson Fund Nears $300K In Three Days, Support Continues
James Robertson seen here with Blake Pollock

Currently, the total number of donations to the James Robertson fund is approaching 11,300 — and it will probably far exceed that, by the looks of constant incline. Though many are giving anonymously, several people included their names along with sentimental expressions. Some of them express as follows.

“James, I’m so inspired by your story. I hope that you get to see another aspect of life that you never really got to enjoy because you were working so hard. May God continue to bless and keep you. You deserve every dollar we are giving you and more….” Sudane Lewis

“James, I hope that along with buying a car, this money will allow you, your girlfriend and your family to take a well deserved vacation.” Shannon Radoll

“You [James Robertson] are an inspiration and a wonderful human! God will continue to keep you safe.” Tori

“To much time is focused on negativity. I am so moved by this story. I keep reading it over and over as well as all the positive comments. You [James Robertson] amaze me and inspire me with all of your efforts. Thank you.” Heather Martin

“I hope this gentleman [James Robertson] gets not only a car but the insurance and everything to maintain his vehicle. His story is aspiring for anyone that may be in a similar situation as his.” Larita Stanciel

“I am from kuwait and i found his story in Kuwait news paper, its my job to help James Robertson, all because my religion “Muslim” thought me to help the poor to survive. God will help you James Robertson.” Abdullah Alfalah

“We love you James! My 8 year old daughter was really touched by your story and wants you to know she is happy that you will recieve this blessing in your life. Thank you Evan for setting up this page!” Kristry Graham

“I can remember as a child, my mom walking 6 miles back and forth to work. As a single mother, she couldn’t afford to quit. Like her, James, you’re an amazing individual. Post pics of the car!” Kelly Johnson

Disclaimer: In no way are the aforementioned testimonials intended to spotlight certain individuals. These were taken from the first page of testimonials during the time of the article.

Wow! As can be seen from one of the testimonies, the James Robertson fund excitement has already been published in a Kuwait newspaper. Where else could it have made headlines?

Truly, this fund is moving quickly. Even portions of this article had to be adjusted in order to keep up with the rate. This was the amount at the start of the article. Not even an hour later, the numbers changed significantly and continued to rise for the James Robertson fund.

So, what do you think of the James Robertson fund? How do you think the money should be used? Did you know many dealerships are volunteering to give him a car?

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