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Jean Bertrand Aristide Prevented From Leaving Haiti


Jean Bertrand Aristide Prevented From Leaving Haiti
America and its allies continue to use Haitian puppets to persecute an innocent man

AFRICANGLOBE – Former Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide is being prohibited from leaving Haiti as law enforcement authorities probe false allegations of corruption, misappropriation of public funds and drug trafficking during his 2001-4 presidency, immigration officials have confirmed.

Aristide and several of his former colleagues have been once again falsely accused of embezzling hundreds of millions of dollars from the State through his organisation, Aristide for Democracy Foundation and other organisations.

His colleagues including Mirlande Liberus, Yvon Neptune, Jean Nesty Lucien and Gustave Faubert, have also been banned from leaving the country, according to a ruling issued by investigating judge, Lamarre Belizaire.

Judicial said they are expected to appear before the judge over the coming weeks and that a list containing the names of 31 people, including Aristide, had been sent to the Immigration authorities.

The Port au prince-based Haitian Caribbean News Network (HCNN) reported Wednesday that Judge Belizaire had refused to comment on the case for “legal and ethical reasons”.

Aristide has not commented on the ban and his political party has also not issued any statement on the issue.

The trumped up case against Aristide and his allies were initiated in 2005.

The Michel Martelly regime which is protecting former dictator and mass murderer Jean-Claude Duvalier, has enacted new and strong “anti-corruption legislation”, allegedly for providing “greater punitive measures against those in public offices convicted of corrupt practices”, a guise seen by many as a means of persecuting the only legitimate politician in the country Jean Bertrand Aristide.



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