Juanita Bynum Arrested and Jailed in Texas

Juanita Bynum Arrested
Juanita Bynum

AFRICANGLOBE – Juanita Bynum is cooling her heels in a Dallas County jail today after being picked up on a “capias warrant” on Thursday, April 18.

According to online records. Bynum, 54, was booked into the Dallas (Texas) County jail last night on civil charges. A capias warrant is usually issued when a judge wants to compel a defendant to do something, such as when someone loses a civil case and they failed to pay a judgment against them. In general, capias warrants and not criminal in nature.


In 2010, Bynum, who considers herself a prophetess, doctor, gospel singer and televangelist, fought a lawsuit lawsuit brought by former Def Jam Vice President of A&R, J.E. Jones, who said Bynum stole a song he wrote entitled, “Soul Cry (Oh, Oh, Oh).”

In 2007, Bynum divorced her husband Thomas Weeks III after he beat her in the parking lot of an Atlanta hotel.

In a 2010 interview with EURWeb.com, Bynum discussed weathering the storm in her life:

“I believe that it would be virtually impossible to talk about my experiences because, by now, the whole world knows and it doesn’t bear needing to be repeated. If anybody wants to know the details that have happened in my life they can go to YouTube like everybody has. I am not out to repeat my experiences. I’m out to show how you can go from that experience to a life of power. Many people can tell you how to start, but very few people in life can tell you how to weather the storm with the kind of integrity that, by the time they get through the storm, they’re qualified on telling somebody how to get up. And I believe my project and my ministry and my message will start from that point. I believe that I’ve walked through the storm with the kind of power and integrity that I can tell somebody how to get up and I can tell them how to start again.”