Justice For Michael Brown Will Be Fought For & Won On The Streets, Not In The Courts

Justice For Michael Brown Will Be Fought For & Won On The Streets, Not In The Courts
Black people in America are a nation within a nation

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“A system cannot fail those it was never meant to protect.”–  W.E.B. Dubois

The International League of Peoples’ Struggles US Chapter stands with the people of the United States fighting against the reign of police brutality and terror against Blacks and all oppressed communities in the United States.

The failure of the St. Louis County grand jury to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson for the murder of 18-year-old Michael Brown shows that white supremacy and racism are embedded within the so-called ‘justice system’ in the United States. Every 28 hours a Black person, usually young, usually unarmed, is killed by police. It is only due to the heroic uprising of the people of Ferguson that the case was brought before a grand jury. Prosecutor Bob McCullough clearly worked with police to assure there would be no indictment. And President Obama has called on people to accept the unjust verdict, affirming once again that racist police in the United States have a license to kill, that elected civilian authority is only a thin veneer for naked police and military rule.

The state has made clear that it will continue to profile, imprison and murder Black people with impunity. They are waging war against Black communities. The people have a right to resist and rebel against this tyrannical authority. Black people have the right to self-determination and control of their communities.

The ILPS-US Chapter condemns the US government’s increased policing, militarization, and provocation of violence in Ferguson and all other communities across the United States who have taken to the streets, freeways and bridges over the last 24 hours to express their justified rage and solidarity with the people of Ferguson. ILPS-US deplores the use of force on unarmed civilians exercising their basic rights. The police have no right to declare any assembly illegal. ILPS-US also recognizes that the racist ruling system has again revealed what it fears the most through its cowardly response to people’s mass actions – the biggest threat to the racist ruling class in the United States are the organized and united communities asserting their rights through collective action and people’s resistance.

It is only through organized and collective struggle that justice for Michael Brown will be served.  Justice for Michael Brown will be demanded and won in the streets, not in the bureaucratic halls of ‘justice’ that have been set up to protect the ruling elite in the United States.

The ILPS-US recognizes the ever-growing importance for communities under attack to know and exercise their rights for the sake of self-defense and survival.  Enshrined both in the US Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the fundamental right for people to bear arms and defend themselves from attacks by the police and military of one’s own government.  The long history of peoples’ struggles in the United States and around the world against intensified militarization and occupation are lessons and inspiration for us – we must remember that people have triumphed and continue to resist against war, land-grabbing, genocide and occupation.  The stark reality of worsening economic conditions in the United States and the brutal policing of every sphere of our daily life at home, and around the world, means that fundamental right to live is under attack by the US government, in Ferguson and beyond.

We, the people, are our best and only defense and we must continue to organize and resist by any means necessary to ensure our right to live.

This is our moment for people-to-people solidarity. Mass actions and messages of solidarity for Michael Brown and the people of Ferguson continue to be shared around the world. Reactionary state violence, police brutality, and militarism are global problems, and their economic monopoly serve and maintain the system. This is the moment for our struggling communities in the United States to connect with people’s struggles around the world.

The ILPS-US calls on its member organizations and allies to join mass actions in their respective cities to demand justice for Michael Brown.

The ILPS-US chapter also calls on its member organizations to link any actions for Black Friday against the ruling 1% to the people’s call for Black Lives Matter. To strategically fight racism, we must fight their economic dominance.


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