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Why Are Kids Wearing Weaves?


AFRICANGLOBE – It’s not uncommon to see little girls wearing weaves. But is this a new fad?

Why would any one even think of subjecting an infant to this horror?! Or this in the name of beauty?

What’s wrong with the good old ‘puff’?

Why Are Kids Wearing Weaves?
This is the type of madness that some parents are now subjecting their kids too.

When did mothers start to think that simple hairstyles (like the oneS pictured below) are no longer good enough for their children?

Is this the new standard of beauty for girls?

Instagram and other image sharing social platforms have made it a lot easier for parents, especially mothers to objectify their children. Its no longer one bit strange to see pictures of kids are all dressed up in ‘trendy’ outfits complete with accessories and make up.

While it’s not a bad idea to dress your girls up in different ‘mini-me’ styles, it may be disadvantageous to subject them to wearing weaves and makeup that early.

Black Women With Natural Hair Styles
African hairstyles are becoming increasingly popular

Kids are meant to be who they are – children allowed to play and be free to explore the world in their own way. Why toss the burden of a perceived perfection on them? If as kids they get used to wearing extensions, what happens when they become teenagers?

Remember that as a teenager, they will have the media to deal with, they also need to navigate the tough waters of finding and validating themselves and the idea of beauty.

The long-term effect of making your girls ‘weave-dependent’ is insecurity and low self-esteem. Will they eventually be able to appear in public without the weaves? Ask yourself.

Let your girls rock their hair, black or brown, short or long, full or thin. Teach them to know as teenagers growing into young adults, that weave-ons and extensions are mere accessories, which in many cases end up trivial, and most definitely don’t define them.


By: Omotola Omolayo


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