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Kwame Kilpatrick: I’m Done With Detroit

Former Detroit Mayor
Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick

Kwame Kilpatrick, who once vowed he would never give up on Detroit, says he is cutting ties with the Motor City and will never live there again, according to his e-mails.

The e-mails were provided by the Michigan Department of Corrections, which has been monitoring Kilpatrick’s parole status resulting from a probation violation on felony charges from the text message scandal that drove him from office.

“I am a Texas resident. … I have no intentions of ever residing here again,” Kilpatrick wrote in a Sept. 13 e-mail to parole agent Charles Wright. “I’m often thought of as a Detroiter, but I am not. My life, family and residency is in Texas.”

Kilpatrick reiterated that stance in an e-mail Tuesday afternoon.

“I and my family moved to Texas nearly four years ago,” his e-mail said. “The move, as well as our new home state, has been a tremendous blessing for all of us. I love Detroit, and it will forever be my hometown. But I’ve truly discovered, through very painful and sometimes self-inflicted circumstances, that my home is where Carlita, Jelani, Jalil and Jonas reside,” referring to his family.

In the same September e-mail to his parole agent, Kilpatrick — who is currently on trial in federal court in Detroit on public corruption charges — disclosed his Delta Air Lines flights from Dallas to Detroit have been free.

“I have two great friends that are employees of the airline that allow me to use their passes to fly,” Kilpatrick wrote in the e-mail, pointing out that he was staying at a comped hotel room in Greektown.

Kilpatrick was later distressed that the public learned he was no longer staying at the hotel and was at the home of his mother, former U.S. Rep. Carolyn Cheeks-Kilpatrick.

“This puts my mom’s home in potential danger, as well as her and myself,” Kilpatrick wrote in an Oct. 21 e-mail.

The parole agent noted his e-mails can be obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

Kilpatrick, as required under the terms of his probation, also has disclosed his monthly bills to his parole agent in e-mails. In September, for example, his monthly bills were $2,480 — including his $500 restitution payment to the City of Detroit, $400 for his home energy bill, $240 for cable, Internet and phone services, $260 for Sprint, an $80 water bill and $260 for various insurance bills.

According to the e-mails, Kilpatrick’s main source of income is performing speaking engagements, which he said he would continue to do during his federal trial.

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