LAPD to Question Officers About Racism In Wake Of Christopher Dorner Case

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck
LAPD Chief Charlie Beck

AFRICANGLOBE – The Los Angeles Police Department is doing some soul searching on racism in the ranks.

As a result of the Christopher Dorner case, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck says he’s trying to find out what officers have to say about racism in the department.

“We’re doing very large-level focus groups to determine department attitudes and views on racism within the organization,” Beck told radio station KNX1070′s Ed Mertz.

More than 500 officers will be questioned anonymously, according to Beck.

“Have they experienced it? In what context did they experienced it? They think it’s part of the discipline system? Do they think it’s part of assignment? Do they think it’s part of the rotation system?” Beck explained.

However, with 10,700 sworn personnel on the payroll, not everyone will get a chance to speak.