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Las Vegas Cop Still On The Job Despite Advocating Race War


Las Vegas Cop Still On The Job Despite Advocating Race War
The police force is nothing but the militarized wing of white supremacy

AFRICNGLOBE – A cop who advocated online for a “race war” and posted photos of himself aiming a gun at images of President Obama won’t be fired from his job on the Las Vegas police force. Detective Bobby Kinch, despite repeatedly posting angry, racist and anti-government rants, was briefly suspended, but recently had his gun and badge returned to him.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Kinch took to Facebook several times over the last year to post his rants. In one example, he wrote, “Let’s just get this over! Race war, Civil, Revolution? Bring it! I’m about as fed up as a man (American, Christian, White, Heterosexual) can get!”

Kinch first began posting his crazed diatribes in December 2013. Fellow officers, worried about Kinch’s sanity, took screengrabs and turned them into department officials.

“It’s obviously coming to a boiling point! I say “FU*K IT”!” Kinch wrote. “I’m ready now! Sooner or later, I would say sooner than later!”

Another post read, “Thought I could make a difference, thought it would get better! See the morale (sic) fabric of this Country get so trampled I wanna call it! GAME ON! I think we need a cleansing! Just me? What say you?”

Kinch also reportedly put up pictures of himself aiming a gun at plates decorated with President Obama’s face.

Las Vegas Cop Still On The Job Despite Advocating Race War
Bobby Kinch is not an exception

Other cops responded to Kinch’s posts, mostly by suggesting that he dial back the crazy a little.

“You’ve lost your mind,” a fellow officer wrote. “This may be the dumbest sh*t you’ve ever posted. That’s saying a lot.”

Another colleague pleaded, “Bobby, I’ve known you about twenty years and have a ton of respect for you. Please PLEASE do yourself a solid and don’t air things in this stupid thing called Facebook anymore.”

For his part, Kinch claims that his comments were, of course, taken “out of context.” He also told the Las Vegas Sun that others on the force who have complained have “an axe to grind,” and that the accusation that he’s a racist is, quote, “pretty retarded.”

The Sun reports that Kinch’s job requires him to “primarily…investigate minority suspects.” He’s a 21 year veteran of the Las Vegas Metro police force.


By: Kali Holloway


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