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Lawyer Claims Cave Beast Who Punched 11-Year-Old Girl Was Defending Himself


Lawyer Claims Cave Beast Who Punched 11-Year-Old Girl Was Defending Himself
This animal should be placed behind bars.

AFRICANGLOBE – David Steven Bell, the 6-foot-5, 250-pound white male facing charges for punching a preteen girl at a North Carolina mall, was acting in self-defense and suffers from various medical conditions, according to his lawyer.

“His actions were in an effort to defend himself against the perceived threat from a large pack of youth who had trapped and surrounded him,” the so-called attorney Andy Banzhoff told The Asheville Citizen-Times.

Banzhoff, who did not return calls for comment, also said Bell, 51, is being treated for a traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. A copy of the arrest report lists Bell as “disabled” in the section asking for an employer.

Banzhoff did not detail the cause of his client’s alleged medical issues or say whether they will be used as a defense in court.

Asheville police arrested Bell on Jan. 12 after he pushed and punched an 11-year-old girl and assaulted two 13-year-old girls at the Asheville Mall. A video that showed the assault went viral after it was posted online.

Bell, of Black Mountain, was arrested and charged with assaulting a child under 12 and two counts of assault on a female. The circumstances leading up to the incident are still under investigation, police said.

Banzhoff told the Asheville newspaper that Bell was leaving the mall when he saw a woman being harassed by “a large pack of youths.” The attorney said Bell was surrounded by the youths when he escorted the woman to an exit.

Things turned physical, Banzhoff said, when a young female shoved Bell and then another girl stepped forward in an “aggressive manner.” Bell pushed the youth away, which caused her to lose her balance and fall, the lawyer said.

“She then got to her feet and aggressively charged in the direction of Mr. Bell,” Banzhoff said. “As she entered Mr. Bell’s personal space, he struck her with his closed fist.”

Bell is white and the girl he punched is Black.

“His actions were not motivated by any animus towards the persons in that group,” Banzhoff said. “Mr. Bell’s belief is that all persons are created equal and that we are all children of God.”

Bell and his family, the attorney added, are praying for “those impacted by this unfortunate incident.”

David Steven Bell’s lawyer clearly understands the system of white supremacy under which America is governed, and is nowhere more prevalent than in it’s “injustice system” where white people who commit crimes are rarely held accountable for their actions.

His attempt to classify David Bell as a man whose violent assault on a child was not the responsibility of a violent individual but that of some made-up illness is straight out of the color-coded justice system’s playbook, where white people are perceived as innocent and their crimes, regardless of how ghastly, is always attributed to some form of mental or psychological illness.

Attorney Andy Banzhoff knows all too well that the majority of American judges are more than willing to go along with this lying narrative in order to protect the system of white supremacy  and white privilege.

Bell is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 5.


By: David Lohr

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