Lets All Help Dr. Umar Johnson Save St. Paul’s College

Lets All Help Dr. Umar Johnson Save St. Paul's College
Helping Dr. Johnson’s cause is the sacred duty of all those who consider themselves Black

AFRICANGLOBE – Acclaimed school psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson, author of the best-selling Psycho-Academic Holocaust: The Special Education & ADHD Wars Against Black Boys, seen in the popular Hidden Colors Documentary 1, 2 and soon to be released 3, and most requested Pan-African speaker across the globe, is taking the next bold step of his career.

Dr. Johnson will be creating a future of endless opportunities for our youth at the Historic Black College, St. Paul’s in Virginia. This will be a destination for our young minds to be cultivated in our rich history, philosophy, science, mathematics and more. He will be continuing in the legendary footsteps of the honorable Booker T.

Washington and the founder of St. Paul’s College, James Samuel Russell. Dr. Johnson is in need of our support to raise $5M in order to save, purchase and furnish the St. Paul’s College HBCU by August By opening an independent school, Dr. Johnson will be providing our children and teachers with the opportunities to reach their highest potential. The school will be appropriately named Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey International Academy for Black Boys, after his kinsman Frederick Douglass and his hero, the honorable Marcus Garvey.

We have so many unsung Black men in the community fighting to save our youth every day. Let’s join together in giving this brother and the others the credit they deserve. Let’s show the world we truly care about our future generations.

Here are 3 ways to show your support TODAY:

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This is the next step in the journey to reclaiming our community!



Yours Truly, Team Reclaiming Our Community!


By: Marcia Bois


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Dr. Umar Johnson’s Vision For  St. Paul’s College