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Lets Talk About Female Sexual Predators! – Must Read


Lets Talk About Female Sexual Predators!
Men are not the only ones who commit sexual crimes, the difference is that females are usually not punished for it.

AFRICANGLOBE – Michael Jackson called them “dangerous”.   BBD called them “poison”. Then Usher came along and enabled them by sounding desperate. Janet made it about what we have to do for them.  Beyonce’ pushed the female domination over men. Feminism made it all the man’s fault. And the Me-Too movement launched the banner for punishing men – guilty or not, regardless of the facts.

In a society where Me-Too is going after men (and some rightfully so), a culture where men are often looked at as the predators, perpetrators and “bad guys”, there is often a lack of balance involving the truth, the victims and the perpetrators. Men are presumed to be the villains and women are presumed to be the innocent victims. But statistics say different. Male victims of women predators say different.

We are seeing case after case after case of character assassination of men in general and Black men specifically. And yet because male victims of women predators do not come together and protest, society assumes they do not exist. WRONG. Black men are being tricked, deceived, seduced, framed, blackmailed, harassed and otherwise victimized every week in America. Dishonest women seem comfortable in doing the job of the  oppressor, the slave master and the biased justice system all at the same time.

I am not saying male predators do not exist. Nor am I saying all the claims of women as victims are false. I am saying that women out there are doing the exact same things to men that men are doing to women. I am saying there are women predators far more crafty, devious and capable of subtlety making men victims. I am saying men are far less believed, far less taken seriously and often laughed at when they come forward.

Men who are victims of women predators are not only laughed at. They are asked why they let it happen. They are shamed, blamed and often ignored. They are seen as weak, gullible and probably deserving of what they got. But when women are victims society perceives them entirely different. That is not fair. That is not right. That is not accurate and that is not even equal protection under the law.

As a former detective I make no excuses for predators – male or female. I have seen both. I have profiled both. And I am realistic about the facts. We hear about R. Kelly, Bill Cosby and others. But we don’t hear about the gold diggers who chased the man with the money, had the script flipped or their gold digging backfire and were beat at their own game. Then presto, these women suddenly become victims.
Sometimes The Problem Is Both People But We Never Hear That Said

Herein lies a twisted irony. The same women who will attack this article are those who will ignore ALL the facts. The same women who will attack this article will hate on men for what other men did to them in the past. The same type women will disappear with a man’s child and pretend he is a danger when they know he is no danger to the child at all. The same type women will help other women make excuses and live in denial instead of looking in the mirror. And then there are the weak men who protect women predators and enable women victim pretenders. Are there far too many actual women victims? Yes, definitely. Are all the women crying victim actually victims? Definitely not.

An honest, accurate and balanced perspective is needed in looking at who is the victim and who is the predator. Just as in the wolf pack or the lion’s pride, there are also human women predators. But because their methods are different from those of male predators, they are often overlooked or never labeled as the predators that they are.

The woman who preys on the man’s wallet, the man’s emotions, the man’s property, keys his car, falsely accuses him, sets him up, Police departments, DAs and the courts know the truth but they are often forced to ignore it because feminist groups are too powerful, connected and well funded.

It Is Not Always The Man’s Fault And Women Are Predators Too

One special report after another profiles men as the pimps, abusers, deceivers, users and monsters. But how many special reports have you seen which dare to expose women who are just the same? Likely none. Regarding the young prostitute who were on craigslist and other website, surely they were victims of male pimps, right? Wrong, not always true. Honest investigations will show that many of these young girls and women refused to have pimps. They did what they did by choice, not by force and not by being threatened, controlled nor manipulated. But you will never hear that in the news.

There are genuine psychological reasons that women stay in bad relationships or even allow themselves to be abused. However there are also excuses they make knowingly because they see it as a tradeoff for getting what they want. You never hear about the psychological facts on this. Neither the courts or the prosecutors nor the police hardly even ask “where was the mom”. Nor do they ask “why was the girl or woman receptive to being used and manipulated”. They call that “victim shaming” and because it is very unpopular, women who knew exactly what they were doing are hardly ever held accountable. It is amazing that psychologists come up with a ton of reasons for the woman becoming and staying the victim, no matter what she does, why she stays or what she subjects herself to. And almost every single reason paints the picture that the man is the only one at fault. Not always true either.

If you walk into a bad situation freely because you have an agenda, are you a victim?

What about when the woman is the culprit, the predator, the perpetrator? You will not likely hear in the news how the woman struck the man first. Nor how the woman blocked the man when he was trying to leave. Nor how the woman and her friends conspired to create lies that would leave the man incarcerated. Nor how the women violated the court orders and disappeared with the man’s children even though he was never labeled a threat by the court or law enforcement. I have seen it a hundred times in one form or another and the truth is out there. Yet women are almost always still seen as the innocent victims.

Even when honest women step up and tell the truth that they were wrong, they were the aggressors and they were not the victims, such admissions neither fit the narrative nor the agenda of the feminist baggage carrying man hating groups that influence the media, the courts, the police and the prosecutors. So what happens then? It is said the women were forced to say what they said. Or it is proclaimed the women were brainwashed. Does this happen? Yes. But is it true in all cases? Definitely not! And yet again you will never hear that part of the story in the news.

If you Google “domestic violence”, pictures of men come up – even though strong evidence shows women perpetrate the exact same acts. Clearly there is a bias against men in this country, regardless of the evidence. A bias that assumes men are guilty until proven innocent and one that assumes women are innocent – even when women are proven guilty!

In summary men are NOT always the predators, culprits and perpetrators. Even if men are guilty most of the time, most of the time is not all of the time. Women are the “bad guys” a lot more often than the media, the courts, the prosecutors, law enforcement and feminist man-hater groups are ever willing to admit. There are many, many women who are predators who prey on men and boys. Our society gives most of them a pass by failing to address the issue honestly and by allowing the predator women to be seen as victims.  Stats from reputable agencies like the CDC and the Bureau of Justice Statistics prove these claims but they remain ignored because the feminist groups are so powerful, well connected and well funded.

But what about the statistics against men? The stats that feminist agenda groups quote rarely include those women who are found to be liars and not credible, the women who made false reports or even injured themselves then blamed the men, those women who come clean and tell the whole truth, those women who were the primary aggressors, the instigators and part of the problem, those women who set up the men to take the fall. And the list goes on.

If you are a Black man, don’t become a victim to a female predator. Think. Plan. Expect. Watch. Listen. Use your phone to record audio, video and photos. Dial 911 when necessary as quickly as women are willing to do. Gather witnesses. Expose women predators every legal way you can. These suggestions are not weak, they are protecting yourself. And walking away is not nearly enough anymore – especially in light of the Me-Too movement. And by all means, get out of any relationship with a woman or woman predator which places your freedom, your finances , your health or your safety at risk.

As for the women reading this article, I do not say all women are predators. But you know who you are and what you do. You know which of your female friends are female predators, users and pretenders. But men are getting smarter, wiser and finally beginning to set standards on how we must be treated. I am very, very happily married to an incredible Black woman. My parents were married 54 years and hers were married 46. I am not bitter, I am about facts and honest analysis and real solutions that protect the fabric and foundation of our Black families. What about you?


By: Trevo Craw



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