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Your Life Is Your Responsibility – A Must Read


Your Life Is Your Responsibility - A Must Read
A worthy message

AFRICANGLOBE – People are pre-conditioned to look at the term “recessive” as a detrimental thing for humans. This contributes to the de-unification and disharmonious relationships of our collective cellular body.

People say the pineal gland in “Whites” is calcified. However, research has shown that as they migrate to the tropical climates, it becomes decalcified. I’m not certain how many generations it takes. If I were native to a cold climate, with broad nostrils and curly hair, I’d be colder than if I had slim nostrils and my hair stretched down to cover my body. Even when a baby is born, it adapts to atmosphere right before our eyes. The hair changes, the curl falls off, the skin peels…Who taught us that being “White” is “recessive” and is a negative thing? For if we were in a predominately freezing climate, being White would be “dominant” right?

Recessive just means that the genes are receding, moving or going back to a previous state. Could this mean that we were all originally White? Because recessive means to recede and move backwards, how can being “White” mean to move back from being Black if being White isn’t the origin?

I’ve seen baby pictures of some darker-skinned individuals and they were born very pale and light and then get darker over time. I’ve even seen an oriental person try the mucus-free diet and become darker over time.

If darkness comes first, then it’s cold when there’s no sunlight. Did humans adapt after the sun came? I know they say the sun that we see pre-dates the human presence on Earth, however there are many suns and humans may not be natives of Earth…

What do you think?

What are the consequences of having a “Savior complex?”Why do religious fanatics try to “save” other people?

When millions of sperm are racing to the egg, what happens to the sperm that tries to save other sperm so they can reach the egg together?

The first instinct of life is self preservation. Does one preserve self or destroy self by saving others? Has anyone saved them self enough to have the ability to save another?

Does a “savior mentality” cause narcissism and superiority complexes?It’s one thing to help another, it’s another thing to help another with the belief that you are better than them. There is no need to compare self to another. There is no need to judge someone else to determine who’s superior to who.

People are getting caught up in “working on others” that they are neglecting to acknowledge and act upon the work that must be done upon self.

How can a sperm save another sperm when neither of them have made their way to the egg?

How can someone save another when they haven’t even made their way out?

How can you tell me that I’m going to Hell if you’ve never been to Heaven or Hell?

What are we being saved from? What are we in danger of? Do animals and plants need to be saved too?

Self is limitless. Self is not limited to a physical body. Subconscious self is constantly communicating with conscious self to reveal self and nurture self-awareness.


By: Eve Torres


Dr. Chiekh Anta Diop: The African Origins Of Humanity – The Historical And Scientific Evidence!

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