The Long History Of White Supremacist Terrorism In America

The History Of White Supremacist Terrorism In America
White males are the number one terrorist threat in America, this fact is being hidden for political reasons.

AFRICANGLOBE – White supremacist terrorism in America is a old as the genocides against Natives (95 percent of natives wiped off the face of the planet), the kidnapping, enslavement and genocides of Africans in America, and it is as old as all the lynchings of African Americans, while Europeans looked on celebrating their supremacy in dishing out utter violence.

Some 29 people dead in 13 hours in the USA at the hands of “possible” Caucasian national terrorists? Gee? What’s new in America since Europeans arrived to it? What about the death, the murder, the looting, the genocides, mass incarceration and lynchings, is new in America since Europeans arrived to it?

Nothing! Trump, the German-descendant and president of America, talks of “infestation” as if the victims of white supremacist violence are speechless. No, we are not. It seems to us that the only thing that has infested America, Africa and large parts of the world is white supremacist violence. Take a look at Southern Africa and the picture of European terrorism there too mimics the same barbarism of the Americas.

What the record shows, without reservation is that Caucasian immigrants everywhere are murderers and destroyers: Africa, the Americas, Australia, India, etc. They are the original chaos creators. Until the problem can be named, it cannot be resolved.


By: Amenuti Narmer


The Sleeper Cells are Awake – The Black Authority