Louisiana Republican Wants to Sterilize Poor Women

If you’re a poor woman, you’d better not live in Louisiana, because John LaBruzzo wants to make sure you never have children. The young lawmaker from Metairie seems to think that sterilizing poor women is a great way to control what he calls, “generational welfare.”

Although he said the program would be voluntary, who is to say that at a later date it wouldn’t become mandatory? So what if he wants to pay the women $1,000 to have their tubes tied? It is a slippery slope from voluntarily deciding to not have children and being forcibly sterilized by the state.

If you don’t think that’s bad enough, his ingenious plan includes giving more tax incentives to “college-educated, higher-income people to have more children.” He has already earned the ire of advocacy groups who call his plan blatantly racist, sexist, and immoral. He has argued that more white people than black people are on welfare, so race is not an issue.

Clearly, there is an issue where LaBruzzo favors more wealthy people having more children and controlling the population of those who aren’t. By what standards would this potential legislation define a poor woman? Would it be when she applies for welfare? What if her circumstances are temporary? Is there a time limit to how long she is on welfare before being given the “option” to have her tubes tied?

Regardless of whether his proposal is racist, there is no mistaking that it is sexist and immoral. Why not propose to pay poor men $1,000 to have vasectomies? Why target only the women?

John LaBruzzo, it appears you have not thought out this legislation too well.