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Why You Should Love Donald Trump


Why You Should Love Donald Trump
Donald Trump is the true face of America.

AFRICANGLOBE – By now, if you have ever read any of my articles, you know I drill far below the surface on key issues. Today I want to thank Donald Trump for what he is doing, though he may not realize it or intend to do it. Donald Trump represents corrupt, elitist, racist, overbearing, egotistical, scheming, scamming America and he is letting the cat out of the bag. The reason people support Trump is the same reason politicians do not like or want Trump. Donald Trump represents America without its mask on.

Almost everything you see Trump do and say represents the real America that many people thought was gone. But we see from his supporters that America is very much the same as it was back in the time of slavery or prior to the civil rights movement. Many people have always known this but they didn’t want you to know it. Racism has pulled off its sheets, denial has raised its head and zombie-like ignorance is willing to drive to a Trump rally, confederate flags and all.

Trump is the poster boy for Racism. You hear it in how he speaks of Hispanics. You see it in how he condones violence and then blames the victims. You see it in how the hatred of his supporters manifests against African Americans at his rallies. You hear it as he promotes Islamophobia and stereotypes an entire religion. I find it ironic that Trump would be so nasty on immigration when the land we now call America was invaded by illegal immigrants fleeing Europe – illegal aliens who killed the indigenous peoples, captured slaves and occupied land that did not belong to them. And calling them colonists or settlers does not change the truth of history.

Trump is the poster boy for greed and manipulation. He purposely bankrupted at least 4 businesses and put people out of work without blinking an eye. Then, in Florida, he hired foreign workers because he said Americans did not want the jobs. Trump even admitted he did it but that he should not have been able to. He slams other companies for moving overseas while he hires workers from those same geographic areas instead of Americans.

Trump is the poster boy for sexism. He insults women and tries to bully female political commentators. He avoids a debate where Megan Kelley is moderating because big bad Trump felt he was not being treated fairly. Boo hoo! Yet who is Trump treating fairly? Donald Trump is a mirror reflection of the double standards that exist on this country.

Trump is the poster boy for American denial of its problems. He supports the police but he will not even address police brutality. His refusal to address real problems in America is not exclusive to Trump. It is exactly what the politicians do. His bias towards the police is his prejudice and discrimination against those citizens who are legally to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. In that way, Trump reflects the judicial system in this country.

Trump is the poster boy for violence. Out of his own mouth he incites violence in his rallies against anyone who disagrees with him. And his redneck, no brain zombies do exactly what they are told without thinking. When Trump supporters get violent, he offers to pay their legal fees. But when protesters get violent, he calls them thugs and says they are wrong. Which is it Donald? Violence is violence and Trump reflects America yet again, this time in America’s foreign policy approach to the rest of the world. Start or incite a conflict then blame those who react or respond.

Trump is the poster boy for division. He has shocked, divided and thrown the Republican party in a spin. Many Caucasian politicians are not used to being thrown off balance and exposed. They cannot understand why Trump is popular and the Trump Effect has caught them completely by surprise. Trump is an exaggerated version of them and they are shocked to look in the mirror. They see themselves when Trump makes promises he knows he will not and cannot keep. They see people taking oaths to Trump as he reforms the Republican party much like Hitler “reformed” Germany. All I can do is laugh because I see below the surface. If you look closely, you can see the roaches running because someone just turned the lights on. It is hilarious.

Trump is the poster boy for government that only pretends to care about its people. He says politicians are all talk but no action. Yet he writes checks to those same politicians. He says he represents the American citizen but I guess all the protesters never got that memo. What Americans is he representing if half the Republican party does not want him as President and mostly all the Democrats do not trust him? Trump is being sued for a fake Trump University and I am sure if the former student victims felt he cared about them, they would not be suing him. Pretend to care about the people while you screw them over? Sounds just like the actions of our politicians.

Trump is the poster boy for shallow Americans who are angry but have no plan to fix anything. His biggest solutions are to build a wall, make China stop manipulating the value of their currency and cut deals. Trump has no real plans on anything, unless he paid employees to come up with them. Shallow Americans love what they are hearing and believe what he says. But ask him or them how anything Trump s promotes will strategically be accomplished and see what answer you get.

You see, most politicians will get on stage and argue, but never really break ranks nor expose each other completely. Yet Donald Trump has pulled the blanket off all that is wrong with America. When you see and hear him, that is what is obvious. That being said, there is no way Trump should be President of the United States. But he is a near perfect mirror of this country without its mask on. The cat is out of the bag. The jack is out of the box. The confederate flag flies high. So whether you intended all of this or not (you probably didn’t), thank you Donald Trump.


By: Marque-Anthony



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