Loving Our Women

Black women
Love our women and they will make us proud

Black men we have got to do better by our women! derogatory language, is all that I hear when it comes to our music, our movies, and our everyday feelings towards our women, and I am just about sick of it. Yes I came up listening to hardcore “gangster music” and I thought it was cool and no big deal, but after I grew up a little and got married, I can barely stand those harsh words being directed our women. Our women have been through enough dealing with our crazy behinds, let’s not turn around and call them out of their names.  Would you want someone to refer to your Mother, daughter, sister, aunts, and cousins this way? I would think the answer would be no, but with this generation, it might not matter to some of you.

I was raised to never disrespect a woman this way, be it Black or other, but I’ll be damned if I dog my sista in any kind of way. I don’t care if she is standing on the corner with a sign that says “I’m a H*e”, I am going to address her by her name. See in my short years on this earth, I have learned that most women follow us men, be it a good or bad man.  If you find a women full of attitude and hurt, you can just about figure out where it came from… a man. It could have been her absent father, abusive boyfriend, or her sick child molesting step-father. Why would I walk into her life calling her a b*tch or a h*e on top of whatever she has been subjected to in her past? I listen to all types of music, and I don’t hear White boys talking about their women like they are some dogs on the street, but turn on the radio and see what you hear from us. I have not heard of any other race of men disrespecting their women like we do.

We talk about freaking this one, that one, and hold up… don’t let the baby come, she’s such a b*tch now right! As a Black man, it is our job to lift our women up, put them on pedestals, and let them know that they are worth more than what that last dude showed them they are. There is nothing like a Black woman, because the average Black woman that loves her man will stick with that fool to the end. There is no bouncing and leaving him for no amount of money, you know why, because she was with his broke ass from the start.

If you got a baby mama (I hate that word) and you do not love her enough to be with her, you still treat that woman with respect. She is not a b*tch, she is not a h*e, she is not a jump off, the only thing she was, is stupid for allowing herself to get pregnant by your trifling *ss.  If she was fine to you when you met her, she is still fine after, maybe you need to look at yourself. Maybe she is not fine to you anymore because you could not get away with your B.S.

Wake up Black man, and see that when you show a Black woman love, you get love back two times harder. I know Black women that are dedicated to men that are currently walking all over them, you cannot even pull them away, and you cannot even imagine the pain that they go through. We men could not even stomach the things that women deal with when it comes to us. I heard some brothers talking about a sister that had multiple kids with multiple men, and they are standing there with multiple children with multiple women, and I bet you that they told all of them that they loved them before that baby came.

Fella’s we are the cause of the attitude, funny acts, and temper that we get back. You might not have created this with your woman, or whoever, but someone did. Start loving our Black Women, I don’t care where she is at in life, where she came from, just show them some love, the same love that you would want, and you will be blessed for it. To my Sista’s, I love all of yall, and it’s like 2pac said, “Keep ya head up”.


By; Kataurus Braswell

Mr. Braswell is founder of Black Convo Media Group LLC, a group of website’s dedicated to African Americans. He is also a freelance writer, music producer, and blogger.