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Need A Man? 6 Tips For Black Women On Dating Websites


Need A Man? 6 Tips For Black Women On Dating Websites
Online dating has become an easy way of getting attention for most women

AFRICANGLOBE – In today’s society, online dating has not only become more popular, it’s become more widely accepted. Match.com, the “leading online dating site for singles and personals,” notes that 20 percent of relationships start online with the simple click of a mouse. With that in mind, more and more Black singles are taking to the Internet to find love.

Not only is there Match, Eharmony and Plenty of Fish for Black women seeking a suitor, there are also sites such as BlackPeopleMeet, BlackSingles and BlackScene, specifically targeting their demographic.

While it can seem harmless, there are a few things to consider when seeking out your perfect match in cyberspace.

Here are six tips for Black women looking to date online.


Don’t Give Out Personal Information

This one’s a given. When dating online be sure not to reveal too much personal info. Be leery of giving out your phone number and never give out your address.


Don’t Post Revealing Pictures

Stop it

If you’re serious about finding ‘the one,’ don’t give too much too soon. While a number of women want to flaunt their best ASS-ets, those skin showing pictures might make it difficult for a man to take you seriously.


Do Check Social Media Pages

After a series of messages back and forth on a dating website, you may ask your potential suitor for a link to their Facebook or Twitter page. By adding this person online you don’t have to give out your phone number and you can get a feel of their interests and personality. As an added bonus, if you decide you’re not interested in this person you can easily de-friend them with the click of a button.


Don’t Lie

If you’re serious about not being single, don’t lie on your dating profile page. If you meet someone and have a connection with them down the line you may have to admit that you’re a fibber, making it hard for them to trust you.


Do Read ‘About Me’ Sections Carefully

Pay close attention to what people put in their ‘About Me’ section online. If it’s too short, they may not be taking the website seriously and could just be looking for a hookup.  Similarly, if they’re just looking to “have fun,” that means they’re not looking to date you — not with your clothes on at least.


Don’t Meet With Anyone Too Quickly

Take your time! While online dating is quick and easy, it could also be potentially dangerous. There’s nothing wrong with communicating with someone in the comfort and safety of your own home until you feel 100 percent sure. When meeting with someone for the first time be sure it’s in a public setting with plenty of people in close proximity. You might also consider telling a friend to stay close by if you’re still not ready to stick out alone.  Some potential meeting spots to consider are a public park or a shopping mall.


By: Renee Gardner 




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