Man Seeks Answers As Video Of State Terrorism Goes Viral

Man Seeks Answers As Video Of State Terrorism Goes Viral
Animal in uniform assaults a man in his own living room

AFRICANGLOBE – A man arrested during a videotaped incident in Jefferson Parish says he believes a deputy clearly crossed the line.

In the video, 26-year-old Donrell Breaux asked the deputy why he was trying to enter a River Ridge home. What followed was recorded on a mobile phone.

The video was posted to Facebook Tuesday night and quickly went viral. The video was shared on Facebook thousands of times within hours.

When asked why the deputy was at the home, Breaux said, “I think one of the neighbors called them because we was cussing and cutting up on the porch.”

When the deputy arrived, Breaux says he did not identify himself and tried to force his way into the residence.

The video shows the deputy trying to handcuff Breaux, and one can clearly hear Breaux repeatedly asking the officer why he is being arrested.

The deputy responded, “I don’t answer to you.”

Breaux says he was arrested and charged with battery of a police officer, resisting arrest and disturbing the peace.

Breaux won’t suggest what steps should be taken in light of the incident.

“He was forceful but I’ll let Jefferson Parish decide if this officer should be punished,” Breaux said.

A spokesperson for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office said Sheriff Newell Normand has a copy of the video, is monitoring an internal review of the matter and when he has something to say about the situation, he’ll do so.

Breaux hopes that’s soon.


By: Travers Mackel


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