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Mark O’Mara, George Zimmerman Attorney, Faces Ethics Complaint From Trayvon Martin Murder Case

Mark O'Mara
Georg Zimmerman’s former attorney Mark O’Mara

AFRICANGLOBE – Mark O’Mara, the Florida attorney that defended and won the acquittal of George Zimmermanin the former neighborhood watch vigilante’s trial for the murder of 16-year-old Trayvon Martin now faces an ethics complaint over his handling of the trial, the Florida Bar confirmed Monday.

Although it is unclear who filed the complaint and what allegations O’Mara faces, the Orlando Sentinel reports that the state bar association is investigating.

“The Florida bar has one case pending at staff in regard to Atty. Mark O’Mara’s representation of George Zimmerman. All other information is confidential at this time, as is the case with all open investigations,” the bar said in a statement.

O’Mara declined to comment on the ethics complaint.

O’Mara, a $400-an-hour criminal defense and divorce attorney, volunteered to represent Zimmerman at no charge just weeks after he was charged with the murder of Trayvon Martin. A defense fund helped pay legal expenses, but O’Mara told the View that he’d not been paid a cent.

Since winning Zimmerman’s acquittal on second-degree murder charges July 13, O’Mara has made efforts to distance himself from his former client.

In the wake of the domestic disputes that followed in the months after Zimmerman’s acquittal, O’Mara twice announced that he would not be representing him if any charges were filed.

O’Mara has suggested that Zimmerman’s domestic troubles may be the result of “trauma” from the murder trial.

“People don’t like when I say George went through trauma as well, because it doesn’t compare to what Trayvon went through, but George went through trauma as well,” O’Mara told Newsmax TV in November.


By: Andres Jauregui

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