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Marlon Wayans: ‘The White Man Can’t Get Rid Of Me!’ – A Must Read


Marlon Wayans: ‘The White Man Can’t Get Rid Of Me!’ - A Must Read
Marlon Wayans, a man who is worthy of emulation

AFRICANGLOBE – Actor/comedian/producer/director/writer Marlon Wayans has a new movie heading our way on April 16. It’s Haunted House 2 and he’ already guaranteeing that it will be another hit for the Wayans Family Franchise. He says his mother is the gauge of the family’s movie success.

“I knew this first one was going to be successful because we have this thing – when my mom comes to movies, and she walks out – like she walked out of Scary Movie in the middle of it. She was like, You boys just lost your mind. It went on to be our biggest hit. So now, when my mom leaves the movie early we know it’s going to be a hit. She didn’t even come to this one. Groundhog has spoken!”

Mrs. Wayans certainly knew what she was doing raising a crew of talented children. She’s got to be sitting somewhere pretty these days, whether this particular movie is ultimately successful or not. But Wayans says he believes the formula for this film is a winning one.

“We’re doing The Conjuring, we’ve got that little spooky dog fromThe Conjuring. We have The Possession, we have Sinister, we have Amityville Horror and The Devil Inside. But what’s great about it is, we have an original story. It’s more of a horror comedy with parody moments. It’s not like all parody. I produced it, I wrote it and I star in it. So basically the White man can’t get rid of me! You can’t write me out. They blew me up in GI Joe! Shot my Black behind. I made sure I did everything on this one.”

Everything the Wayans family touches seems to turn to gold (though the next generation of Wayans isn’t faring so well with Single Ladies and Next Generation Wayans shows). Even when things go wrong, though, they still come out with a win. That’s what happened with Scary Movie, a franchise the Wayans brothers started that they ended up losing.

“We basically did a movie Scary Move and made billions of dollars worldwide. We made it for $19 million. It made $167 million here and $167 overseas. And that’s just box office. So we got a raise on the second one and they wanted to do a third one. And we were like Well, if you want to do a third one, you’re going to have to open the wallet and pull out a Black card. I understand the platinum card, that was fun. But we’re looking for Black card status.

So they were like ‘We’re going to give you gold.’ They tried to take it back to the Discovery card. Me and my brothers were like ‘Yo forget it’ so we pitched that and White Chicks, the movies we had. And basically they went and stole for the idea we pitched and did Part 3 and we were like ‘Take that. We’re gonna do White Chicks. God rest that franchise. That last one – I could have filmed me taking a poop and it would have been more entertaining.”

Check out Marlon Wayans on Twitter. He’ll be giving out movie passes to screenings of Haunted House 2. You can also see him and his hijinks on Whatthefunny, his comedy sketch site.


By: Tonya Pendleton


A Haunted House 2 Official Trailer #2 (2014) – Marlon Wayans Movie HD

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