Media Already Demonizing Strauss Kahn Alleged African Victim

Strauss Kahn's alleged victim being harassed

Demonizing the African alleged rape and sexual assault victim of IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, as his friends and aides are doing, could backfire and cause the Frenchman to serve even longer time should he be tried and convicted.

Strauss-Kahn’s lawyer Benjamin Brafman contends that the forensic evidence won’t show that there was “forcible” action.
Translation: Since there are no scratch marks on Strauss-Kahn’s body, he could not have committed rape. So, if there was sex, it must have been consensual.

Of course the implication here is that a “mere” African woman, a “mere” hotel room cleaner, a “mere” Muslim, who had never met this White man, Strauss-Kahn, would be so enamored by his power, his European-ness, his wealth and elevated social status –certainly it could not have been his looks judging by photographs– that she would throw herself at Strauss-Kahn in order to be sodomized.

She would also allow herself to be groped and, she would, consent to perform oral sex on this great wealthy French “Bwana” whom she had only just met a few minutes earlier.

It’s akin to the Stockholm Syndrome; perhaps the Colonial Dependency Syndrome?

While racism is still strong in the United States as it is elsewhere, it would take extremely perverted minds to go along with the perverted defense being tested by Strauss-Kahn and Brafman. Strauss-Khan is better off employing an insanity defense.

Then there’s today’s front-page report in The New York Post, “Hotel Maid In HIV Shock” that the alleged victim “lives in a Bronx apartment rented exclusively for adults with HIV or AIDS.” Although the newspaper then relates that it was “not able to ascertain whether the maid, 32, has HIV/AIDS because of confidentiality laws,” The Post has already done the intended “damage.”

If the newspaper had any respect for the alleged victim’s “confidentiality” then why even print the story, especially when it could not confirm her status?

Meanwhile, in France, where people drink a lot of wine, Strauss-Kahn’s followers see hidden forces behind the alleged sexual assault and rape. According to a report on the BBC, “An opinion poll for RMC radio, BDM television and the 20Minutes website found 57% of those who replied believed Mr Strauss-Kahn was the victim of a conspiracy.”

A conspiracy that was able to plan for a total stranger, an African woman who had been working in the hotel for years, to walk in and willingly offer herself up to be ravished by the aged French Lothario, who, moreover, had no control over where his genitalia guided him.

Even the French “philosopher” Bernard-Henri Levy, a friend of Strauss-Kahn, and fresh from helping to launch a destructive war on Libya, believes the “conspiracy” approach, writing on his blog. “Nothing in the world can authorize the way this man has been thrown to the dogs…” as if he knows the details of what happened in the hotel room. What he’s suggesting is that even if everything the alleged victim says is true, Strauss-Khan should not have suffered the indignity of being arrested for allegedly raping a “mere” African woman hotel room cleaner.

Henry Levy also writes, as quoted on the BBC’s website: “I do not know… how a chambermaid could enter on her own the room of one of the most watched people on the planet, against the normal practice in most big New York hotels, which provide for ‘cleaning brigades’ of at least two people.”

Strauss-Khan may be regarded as a “special” human being entitled to the “Strauss-Kahn exception” in the world inhabited by people like Henri Levy. Here in the United States, here in New York City, the minute Strauss-Khan was accused of the serious crime, he was, thankfully, not treated by police as some sort of royalty.

Strauss-Kahn was, appropriately, treated like the alleged perp that he had become.

Score one for the United States.