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Why Do Some Men Prefer Older Women?


Why Do Some Men Prefer Older Women?
Some men just prefer older women

AFRICANGLOBE – You may think that all men just go crazy over women who are young and green, but there is definitely something that some men find attractive about older women. From experience to independence, these are just some of the reason why some men find older women attractive.

Older women control their emotions better

Mature women do not tend to have irrational emotional outbursts that often young women do. And some men love them because it involves less emotional pressure, since older women are responsible for their own feelings.
Controlling mood and hormonal changes is one of the advantages of older women that are certainly attractive.

They have more experience

The older woman’s experience in bed is another advantage that attracts some men. Experienced and knowing what they want, more mature women do not hesitate about what to expect in bed and knows how to please a man in bed. That is a great attraction for men, who also tend to fantasize about mature and experienced women.

Men are at the same time attracted by the curves of older women. Because they are committed and accept our body better. In addition, both do not aspire to perfection as do young women who are obsessed with their body. Older women are aware of their faults and that does not prevent them from enjoying and taking pleasure from their experience.

They do not need labels

Another major attraction to men found in older women is that they do not feel the need to have a big commitment. When there are fewer expectations and pressure on the relationship, men tend to relax more and concentrate on enjoying the relationship. The most usual is that older women have gone through several or at least one relationship in the long-run and therefore do not feel the need to jump immediately to the next.

They know what they want, it’s to have a good time and know how to appreciate it without the need to turn it into a conflict or wait for something more than the men.

Older women are independent

They may have a career and a family to look after. They have their lives together and do not need the help of anyone. An older woman is not going to focus her life on a man, has clear priorities and that is what attracts men. Freedom to enjoy without a big commitment or without having to deal with all types of pressure from the woman.

Older women tend to have their own home, cars and economic independence. And in that sense they have no expectations or desires of a man to take care of them.

Their authority is another thing that captures the attention of men. They know that an older woman with lots of life experience will not easily leave them. Older women are determined and know when and how to do what you want, a woman taking control is sexy to some men.

If you thought that all men just could not to resist a young women, it is quite the opposite: the experience, control and independence can be an aphrodisiac for some men.




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