Men! Stop Worshiping Women

Black couple
women outnumber men in almost every country

Fellas… Stop worshiping women! I can’t put it any plainer or more simple than that.

Women want a man who they can admire…they’re not looking for a guy to worship them. Oh, they might like it for a moment..all the attention and what not. But eventually she’ll get tired of the un-earned attention and start seeking a man who can get her to earn his attention.

Worshiping females makes a goddess out of her…and a supplicant out of you. It puts her above you; which is out of sync with nature. Listen: women don’t want to be placed in a position above you. They don’t like to be made to feel that you absolutely gotta have them. Do that early in a relationship, and you set yourself up to be played, used and abused by that woman.

So stop the vagina worship my friend. Man up, become a man of substance and true value in this world. It doesn’t start with your paycheck; it starts in your mind. When you make yourself a true man of substance, females will almost automatically be attracted to your presence. They’ll seek you out, because you are what many of them have been waiting for.

Much of this female/vagina/goddess worship is a by-product of the times in which we live. We are constantly bombarded daily with slick advertising messages and television shows that depict men in some sort of subordinate role to today’s modern lady. Even in church one is made to feel that women are God’s focus, and that men have had their time in the sun.

But all this is mostly just a marketing ploy, designed to encourage women to feel ‘independent’ enough to spend more money they don’t have on more stuff they don’t really need to fill the aching void that’s growing in their souls. The thinking goes like this: separate the woman from the man and it’s easier to convince her to spend money foolishly.

Don’t believe me? Ladies, how many pairs of shoes do you currently own? Why do you continue to buy them? How many of you have clothes filling your closets that still have the tags on them from having never been worn? How many different soaps and beauty products have you tried in the hopes of capturing some elusive beauty, that always seems to be just one more product away?

In the real world void of slick marketing and carefully designed battles of the sexes, what’s needed is the basic knowledge on how to function harmoniously with one another. And this can’t happen until we learn how to once again respect the differences in gender, accept those differences, and choose to relate to one another on the basis of knowledge and not the latest trends coming out of Hollywood and Madison Avenue.

I said all of that to say: women are not worthy of your worship. Any women who requires it is probably not worth your time. She’ll turn out to be more of a headache in the long run than a benefit to your life. They are worthy however of your understanding; again, not based on some Hollywood definition; but an understanding gained from real life experience and ageless wisdom based on tried and true methods that actually work. Which is the subject of my upcoming book.

Men who worship women are men who have an agenda. Or worse: men who have extremely low self-esteem. Either one is not the one a woman wants to find herself involved with.

So get off your knees fellas, let your balls hang low once again, and for God’s sake: quit bowing down to the over-hyped importance of the female vagina! After all: what she has between her legs doesn’t work without what you have between yours.

By; Mack Major