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Michelle Williams Defends Husband Over “Insensitive” Comments


Michelle Williams Defends Husband Over "Insensitive" Comments
Michelle Williams seen here with he husband.

AFRICANGLOBE – Michelle Williams has defended her fiancé after he made an insensitive comment and about her mental health and got angry when she brought up the topic of race.

The Destiny’s Child member is engaged to pastor Chad Johnson, who is white, and has opened up their relationship to viewers as part of a reality show.

Now, the singer has called on viewers not to judge her husband-to-be from a soundbite after he attracted criticism from viewers.

In a preview clip for the latest episode of the pair’s reality show, Chad Loves Michelle, which airs on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network, Williams reveals that when she made a comment about how her race impacts her experiences, Johnson asked if she had taken her medication.

In the footage, Williams recounts the incident during a video call with their therapist.

She says: “I said something to him along the lines of well Chad, because you are not Black, you would not understand why I communicate the way I do, maybe because you didn’t grow up around a lot of Black people and so that was very offensive to Chad.”

The couple’s therapist says it will be important to talk about the issue of race and goes on to ask Johnson his thoughts. He replies: “To me, it doesn’t matter if you’re Black, white, yellow, green, it doesn’t matter. If you know that the other person was like, I didn’t like the way you said that, then seek to find some understanding as to why that person didn’t like what you said. And let’s keep that the issue, not pulling all these other things. Because then it feels like you’re just trying to cut.”

As Johnson concludes his statement, the camera pans to Williams who pulls a perplexed face.

She then goes on to reveal that when the couple had a disagreement, Johnson asked her: “Did you take your meds today?”

Speaking on US radio show Frank and Wanda in the Morning, Williams said: “People don’t know what I was saying to Chad for Chad to be like, ‘Did you take your meds?’

She went on to say that she didn’t like when Johnson said what he did but that he apologized and encouraged viewers not to judge their relationship from one clip or soundbite.

Williams has previously spoken out about her struggles with mental health issues.

Last year she revealed that she suffered from depression and later said that she had contemplated suicide.


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