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Mike Pence Honors Black History Month By Reminding Blacks That Whites Freed Them From Slavery

AFRICANGLOBE – Vice President Mike Pence is having just as hard of a time honoring Black History Month as President Donald Trump, given one of his latest tweets.

On Wednesday, Pence commemorated the beginning of a month dedicated to celebrating Black Americans who made contributions to enriching American culture, society, and government by shouting out a white man — Abraham Lincoln — for signing the Emanicpation Proclamation. He proceeded to get schooled hard by Black Twitter.

Some Twitter users pointed out that Pence was repeating the same problematic pattern of white people crediting other white people for ending slavery, which does a disservice to the countless Black Americans who fought for the abolition of slavery.

Twitter user @4NIKKOLAS used Pence’s tweet to allude to President Trump’s embarrassing gaffe on Wednesday, in which he referred to abolitionist Frederick Douglass in the present tense. New York Daily News social media editor Candace Amos pointed out that it was especially tone-deaf for the Vice President to ring in Black History Month by mentioning slavery:

Pence also got a stern rebuke from Twitter users who weren’t fazed by his Black History Month tweet, pointing out that the Vice President is still the number two man of a party that works diligently to pass laws that systematically disenfranchise Black voters.

However, Twitter user @cjchandler77 had perhaps one of the most poignant responses, when he told Pence that African Americans shouldn’t be remembered by their time in chains, but by their accomplishments as free men and women.


By: Tom Cahill

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