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Militarization Of Ferguson: Instruments Of War Deployed Against Civilians


Militarization Of Ferguson: Instruments Of War Deployed Against Civilians
Ferguson is majority Black yet almost police officers are White

There was also two other African Americans critically wounded since the unrest began. One man was allegedly shot by the police who claimed he was armed. However, how can the public honestly belief the allegations of the police when they have refused to even release the name of the assailant who killed Michael Brown?

Later Obama said that we are “one American family with common values.” This is perhaps the most preposterous of all of his statements because any informed person would know that the overall socio-economic conditions facing African Americans across the U.S. indicate clearly that there is national oppression enforced by the armed apparatuses of the state.

Rates of joblessness, underemployment, incarceration and victimization by the police in disproportionate numbers in relationship to African Americans, are well documented. Nonetheless, Obama, Congress and the owners of multi-national corporations ignore these realities when making such utterances to the general public.

Obama’s suggestion that there should be “peace, calm and transparency” in Ferguson is insulting to not only the people of the region but to the national and international communities in general. Peace under the circumstances of protected racist state-violence is unsustainable. Obama’s failure to speak directly to the concerns of the oppressed is contributing even further to the unpopularity and policy failures of his administration.

Interestingly enough, prior to Obama making his statements on the rebellion in Ferguson, he discussed the latest U.S. military bombing and ground interventions in Iraq. This same candidate that pledged to end the Iraq occupation in 2008, not only continued the war and enhanced the conflict in Afghanistan for years, but is re-entering the Iraqi theater under the guise of protecting civilians and U.S. interests.

What civilians and U.S. interests are at stake? Obviously not those of the African American community in Ferguson and other urban areas throughout the country, but those of the multi-national oil and mining firms along with the international financial institutions.

Corporate Rule and Political Repression

The Eternal Struggle For Power
History repeating itself in Ferguson

The city of Ferguson has a two-third African American majority but the mayor is White and obviously out of touch with the aspirations of the predominant population in the town. Statistics reveal that only three African American police officers are employed out of 50 for the suburb.

Therefore, what exist in Ferguson is White-minority rule on behalf of private property and the state. This is a model that exists and is spreading across the U.S.

In the city of Detroit, formerly a bastion of labor and Black political power, has now gone the way of Ferguson. A right-wing multi-millionaire venture capitalist Rick Snyder acting as governor has appointed a lackey, Kevyn Orr, to do his bidding in the form of dictatorial emergency management.

A White mayor, Mike Duggan, has been imposed on Detroit from Livonia. This political official embodies secondary authority to the governor and his emergency manager and serves merely as an agent of multi-national and finance capital. Consequently, the majority population in Detroit remains under occupation where thousands are subjected to healthcare cuts, water shut-offs and monetary liability for the failures of generations of economic policies directed from Wall Street and the Pentagon.

This is what corporate America has in store for its burgeoning people of color communities and impoverished working class in general. The militarized police units are being activated to maintain the dictatorship of capital utilizing racism as a rationale for further repression and outright expropriation of the people’s wealth and maintenance of their political subordination.

Obama’s cabinet meetings on Iraq and Ferguson at Martha’s Vineyard can only result in more of the same. Putting a new face on super-exploitation and national oppression is futile.

Change must be fundamental in re-directing wealth and authority from the minority of the ruling class to the majority of the people. Only when these policies are implemented will there be any hope for a peaceful future within American society.


By Abayomi Azikiwe

Editor, Pan-African News Wire


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