Minimising the Menace of Same Sex Relationships

Whatever human rights activists say, same sex relationship can never ever be natural. That is one reason why Africans sides with the assertion of the Christian Council of Ghana that the entire society should work towards the eradication of gay and lesbianism practices from this country.

As the men of God pontificated at a media encounter in Accra on Monday, homosexuality is ungodly. In the words of the clergy, “It is an abomination in the eyes of God.”

That is why this society should work towards making same sex relationship unacceptable. It perverts the body, which is the temple of God. “It is an abomination in the eyes of God, and also contributes to the growing rate of sexually-transmitted diseases,” Rev. Fred Deegbe, President of the Christian Council of Ghana, said at a press conference called by the council to draw attention to the dangers posed by same sex relationship.

We shares in the sentiments espoused by the Christian Council and urge the clergy to use the pulpit to educate Ghanaians on the dangers of the practice.

When the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) first hit the world, it was identified as a homosexual disease. AIDS and HIV were very prevalent in the homosexual community. It is still causing havoc in the gay communities in Western Europe and the United States.

We would like to believe that other religious bodies like the Catholic Bishop’s Conference, the Pentecostal Council and the various Muslim organisations would join in the campaign to make it unrewarding for any group of persons to pervert society with same sex acts.

We are urging a tough stance on gay and lesbian relationships in our schools and colleges, especially, boarding institutions in our second cycle schools. Invariably, most adherents in this society acquire their urge for this perversion in boarding institutions.

It is a universally acknowledged truth in this nation that some boys and girls in boarding schools begin the disgusting practice as a means of easing tension. A number of them stop the practice after school.

Unfortunately, a few of them take it outside the campuses, after their education. We believe a stricter monitoring of activities in the dormitories could cut down on the practice in our schools.

It is unfortunate that a practice that is frowned upon by Biblical teachings should gain currency among some religious groups in the so-called advanced societies, where gays are being enthroned as bishops.

The very act is morally degrading. We encourage churches in Ghana to seek their independence from mother churches abroad, where gay bishops operate.

Having made this pronouncement, we are not too sure about the state of the law regarding the directive by the Western Regional Minister, Paul Evans Aidoo, to the police to arrest people suspected to be gay and lesbian activists.

It is our hope the authorities would not take advantage of the anti-homo sexual sentiments in society to pursue a witch-hunting agenda. We can pursue the cause of eliminating this society of the scourge of gay and lesbian activities, without being vindictive.