Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon Declares State Of Emergency In Ferguson

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon Declares State Of Emergency In Ferguson
White supremacist police in Ferguson attacking peaceful protesters

AFRICANGLOBE – Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (D) declared a state of emergency Monday in anticipation of possible unrest following the announcement of findings of two separate criminal investigations into the murder of Michael Brown, the unarmed teenager killed by a Ferguson, Mo. thug cop Darren Wilson.

“Regardless of the outcomes of the federal and state criminal investigations, there is the possibility of expanded unrest,” Nixon said in an executive order. “The state of Missouri will be prepared to appropriately respond to any reaction to these announcements.”

Nixon said in the order he directed the Missouri State Highway Patrol, St. Louis County Police Department, and St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department to “operate as a Unified Command to protect civil rights” and put the St. Louis County Police Department in charge of security in Ferguson related to protest areas and demonstrations.

He also said the adjutant general of the Missouri could “call and order into active service such portions of the organized militia as he deems necessary to protect life and property.”

The state of emergency will expire in 30 days unless Nixon extends it.


By: Hunter Schwarz


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