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Mitt Romney’s Election Strategy: Vote Out The Black Guy


Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney at the Republican National convention

Mitt Romney is running perhaps the worst presidential election campaign in recent U.S. history.

Romney has no principles. He has no program or agenda for a Romney presidency. He believed deep in his heart that there were enough Americans who wanted to simply get rid of “the Black guy” from The White House that he didn’t even have to convince American voters how and why he would be a better president.

He showed the ultimate contempt for American voters: Blacks, Whites, Latinos and Asians.

Romney has not delivered any plan or vision during the campaign or Republican Convention except that he would replace Medicare with vouchers, privatize social security and repeal Obamacare. He also selected Paul “marathon man” Ryan with is nightmare budget proposal as his VP running mate. Beyond this Romney-ism involves borrowing attack lines from other politicians.

Here are the sources of some of Romney’s key lines:

Barack Obama is incompetent. He’s a nice enough guy but he’s simply in way over his head and does not understand the complexity of the nation’s economic malaise. SOURCE: This line was from Mayor Rudolph Giuliani of New York City. It’s the same racist attack line Giuliani constantly hurled at David Dinkins in his successful race against New York City’s first African American mayor.

Reminding voters constantly that Barack Obama is “The Black guy” or as Donald Trump likes to say “The Blacks.”
 SOURCE: This line was used primarily by Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich during the Republican primary campaign. Santorum famously said he didn’t want to take money away from White people to give to Black folks. Both Santorum and Gingrichreferred to President Obama as the “welfare president.” The leader of slothful Black folk who preferred free welfare checks instead of steady jobs. Gingrich said he would put Black children to work cleaning toilets.

Romney didn’t start using this line of attack –fostering resentment towards Blacks  by White working class– until he had secured the Republican nomination. It was then that he started airing commercials falsely claiming Obama had scrapped work requirement for welfare eligibility.

The commercial featured only White workers leaving the clear impression that the president is taking money from White people and transferring it to lazy Black people.

During a campaign appearance in Michigan Romney even joined the ugly Birther attack saying, “”No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that I was born and raised.”

Because Romney has no principles, he had been willing to say anything and be everything to everyone opposed to President Obama.

Then suddenly this week the RomneyGate tapes revealed some of Romney’s own views about the whining Americans who are not as rich as he is. The “victims.” The so-called entitled 47-percenters.

The RomneyGate tapes exposed as farce the we-do-care-about-the-natives display by Mitt and Ann Romney in the days before and after the Republican Convention.

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