Money and Politics: Democrats Following the Devil

Money And Politics The 50th anniversary Of The March On Washington
The 50th anniversary of the March on Washington

AFRICANGLOBE – It appears that most people that attended the festivities at the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington came away with a common theme, organization.

After a day of eating, drinking, singing, dancing, buying souvenirs and listening to speeches by hand-picked speakers, everybody that attended the event now say they will go back home and organize.

There are a lot of definitions for “organize,’’ but I would assume the marchers want to arrange themselves and their communities systematically for harmonious or united action.

Conscious People

What will it be that will get conscious people to come together, work together and help each other?

Will fiery sermons by America’s preachers unite us? Will scholarly speeches encourage us to join together? Will workshops, seminars, panel discussions and social media posts do what we need done?

America is a capitalist society and in capitalist societies it is difficult to organize without sufficient money or capital.

Who among us has time to organize when you don’t have a job, when your house is being foreclosed and when you will soon be kicked out of college because you can’t afford the increase in tuition?

Who in our community will be allowed to organize or to come together? No one that I know was allowed to speak at the 2013 march that advocated separation from the philosophies, beliefs and ideologies of the people that have historically exploited and oppressed the masses of African-Americans and the masses of Americans.

Weak Speakers

Some say 200 hundred speakers were scheduled to speak but not a single speaker, on his own, could draw more marchers or listeners than Louis Farrakhan had at his Million Man March.

None of the groups and organizations featured prominently at the march was as large and as organized and as financially independent as Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association.

None of the so-called march leaders generated more jobs, provided more affordable housing, created more businesses than Yahweh Ben Yahweh and his Hebrew Israelites did before the group was run out of South Florida. I’m concerned about whether or not all African-Americans will be welcome participants in efforts to organize our communities.

Will the Black Nationalists be allowed to be a part of any organizations? Can the Yorubas organize alongside of the Christian religious leaders? Will the student organizers respect senior organizers?

Money and Politics

Money and politics are parallel. Where you find one, you find the other.

If new organizations don’t have a means to generate money and are totally dependent on gifts, grants and donations by devils, I can’t be part of it. And if new organizations have goals of electing and re-electing Uncle Toms and Aunt Jemimas that are more concerned about staying in office than helping their constituents and their districts, I don’t want to be a part of that either.

You can’t organize at a one-day march. Organizing America’s Black communities might take years and it will be necessary to allow all members and factions in our community to participate in the organization.

If you are only willing to organize who the devil wants you to organize in the way the devil wants you to organize, your organization will not work.


By: Lucius Gantt

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