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Black mother
Black mothers

I have seen some pictures that have upset me, that have disgusted me, that have pulled at my heart, but today I saw a picture of a young Sister who looked no more than six, in a two piece bathing suit, in stripper heels, and she was sliding down a pole. I was and I am still absolutely LIVID over that image. Teaching your child how to slide down a damn stripper pole is the ULITIMATE form of child abuse.

You hand your child over to predators when you instill that type of thinking, you set your child up to be violated in the WORST way, and you have just placed her on a DIRECT path to failure, if those of us in our community don’t try to snatch our children out of the HELL some of us as parents have placed them in. We post pictures of our girls in scantily clad outfits and think that is cute while really some of it is bordering on child pornography.

You see it on youtube all the time. Little girls doing the Beyonce “booty dance“, little girls doing their Nicki Minaj routines, and the mothers double as cheerleaders thinking its “cute“. I remember seeing a video last year where several little girls were dancing in a provocative manner and their mothers were throwing bills at them! Now will these same mothers feign ignorance or surprise if these young girls end up on a stripper pole? Children learn by EXAMPLE. As mothers we are the FIRST teachers. If we teach our daughters their wombs are expendable they will BELIEVE it and ACT on it. If we teach our daughters that their form is the way to capture and keep the attention of a man, they will believe it and act out on it. If we teach our daughters that sex sells, they will place their wombs on the auction block and wait for the highest bidder. If we don’t teach our daughters the value of her womb, her womb will always be on the clearance rack; right beside ours.

In the picture, while the little girl was sliding down the stripper pole, there was a young boy walking by. He looked no more than three years old. Now, what effect will this have on the young man? How will he view the womb? How will he view women? Will this encourage him to RESPECT and PROTECT women, or will just view women as objects of pleasure and if the price is “right” she is his for the night? Then we want to place all the blame on why young boys grow up disrespecting women on the father’s absence or hell even his presence, but what about the mother?

If my bedroom doubles as a revolving door, if my son is a witness to men coming in and out of my room, what is that teaching him about women? If I desire my son to be a respectable young man who respects women, then guess what? I have to be the FIRST woman he respects. If I want my son to have the desire to protect women, then guess what? I, his mother have to show him what a woman that is worthy of protection LOOKS LIKE. The same applies with my daughters. Whatever it is that I want them to BECOME, I must first BE.

Some people were upset with me for posting the photo. What was REVEALED in the photo should be what is upsetting. I expose the harsh realities that are plaguing our community. People should have been offended, disgusted and outraged by the picture. Not with me, because I posted, but because a young girl has been taught to cheapen her womb. You should be offended by the blatant child abuse that is taking place, you should be offended with the current state of our community. You should be outraged that Mothers are pimping their daughters. You should be disgusted enough to DO something. Getting upset with me for posting a picture that portrays a reality does NOTHING to SOLVE the problem.

Take all those emotions and put some ACTION behind them. Go mentor a young Brother or Sister. Assist a single mother with her son. Assist a single father with his daughter. Rent out rooms in a community center; teach our children the REAL history of our greatness. Teach our children how to manage money, so they won’t be a slave to debt. Instead of passing the young “thug” on the corner give him guidance. Instead of frowning down on the young Sister bartering her womb for Gucci, tell her why her womb is PRICELESS.

WOMEN, we are the first teachers, and clearly we are teaching our children from a pimp’s curriculum!

Teach your daughter, self-worth, self-respect and self-love, properly educate her. Be a MOTHER, NOT a MADAM!


By; Nojma Muhammad

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