HomeHeadlinesAfter Multiple Unpunished Attacks On Blacks, White Supremacist Slaughters Three In Washington

After Multiple Unpunished Attacks On Blacks, White Supremacist Slaughters Three In Washington


After Multiple Unpunished Attacks On Blacks, White Supremacist Slaughters Three In Washington
Brent Luyster is a white supremacists who was not stopped when he was attacking Black people who eventually turned on his own people.

AFRICANGLOBE – Police nabbed a white supremacist covered in tattoos after cops said the career criminal killed three and wounded another during a gun attack in Washington.
Self-described skinhead Brent Luyster, 35, ignited a manhunt after shooting three people to death 20 miles north of Vancouver in Woodland, cops said. He also wounded a woman with a gunshot to the face.

The lone survivor found help by driving to a nearby convenience store, but she was unable to speak after the bullet “took most of her face off,” Clark County Sheriff’s Office officials told reporters. Through handwritten notes to authorities, she identified Luyster as her assailant.

Authorities found an unidentified man and woman dead inside a home and another male victim outside.

The killings were not racially-motivated, Sgt. Tony Barnes said.

Luyster was allegedly “in search of something” when he shot the victims, all of whom were associates of Luyster and white, Barnes said. The victims have not been identified.
Cops shared a shirtless photo of Luyster to the public hoping to track down the shooting suspect. The pictures taken within the past two months detailed tattoos covering his arms, chest, and back of swastikas, a portrait of Hitler, a Nazi soldier and “RaHoWa” — a contraction and term used by white supremacists to describe a racial holy war. It is also the name for a Canadian metal band.

He had the word “skinhead” scrawled across his stomach.

Police distributed mug shots of the wanted man dating back at least a decade showing a heavier-set Luyster, but he had since trimmed his facial hair and shaved his head.

He was captured at around 4:15 p.m. near Longview after a Washington State Patrol spotted his vehicle parked along a road. He was taken into custody without incident.
A friend wrote on Luyster’s Facebook page hours after the killings referencing the deaths and his ties to white supremacy.

“My heart breaks that my comrade Brent Luyster is on the loose with multiple body bags in tow, brother ODIN is calling for you, may you have a proper taking into Valhalla……”

The Columbian reports Luyster’s rap sheet dates back to 1988 — when he was just 7 years old.

His criminal history merited an entry on the Anti-Defamation League’s website under extremism and terrorism for multiple attacks on Black men in southwest Washington.
During a March 2013 assault, Luyster and his brother, Brian, beat a man at a bar and threatened to kill him during a racially-motivated attack and in 2000, he was linked to another hate crime.

He was due in trial court Monday after allegedly pistol-whipping his ex-girlfriend in May.


By: Nicole Hensley


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