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Murder In Black And Blue – The Gantt Report


Murder In Black And Blue - The Gantt Report
American cops are notoriously brutal to Black citizens.

AFRICANGLOBE – It doesn’t matter how you were killed or who killed you, murder is murder and murder is wrong!

When situations arise that involve race related killings do not believe what you read in some newspapers, what you hear on some radio shows or what you see on social media sites.

The media is going to quote law enforcers and they are going to hand pick puppets or pundits to discuss what went down.

You will never see a major media company print or broadcast a response to community events from community groups or individuals that Black community residents believe, support or appreciate.

For instance, you will never get a major media to give you a response from the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panther Party or a similar group.

I have been victimized by law enforcers multiple times. I wasn’t killed but I was handcuffed to cells bars, torture-style inside of a jail cell, when I was falsely accused of felony assault on a police officer. So don’t even dream about CNN or MSNBC asking me for a comment.

The media will only parade Negroes on TV shows that the media can control, and that includes Negroes with badges.

If asked, I would say problem with Blacks, minorities and police officers will never be resolved until all parties involved begin to tell the truth.

The 500 or so Blacks that have recently died in police shootouts or police custody is nothing new. It has been going on for centuries. Today, misconduct can be videoed by smart cell phones.

If you want to blame the people most responsible, blame your local elected officials!

You see, instead of looking for ways to stop the killings of innocent men and women, your city managers, city attorney’s, city and county commissioners, sheriffs and police chiefs always look for ways to deny bad actions or cover up misconduct.

Your top city officials hire the police chiefs and your city officials allow those chiefs to hire racists, separatists, skinheads, rednecks and crackers that will not hesitate to shoot unarmed woman, men and children of all races!

I know you don’t like for me to write like this but if you don’t believe me, believe the FBI!

An FBI report entitled White supremacist infiltration of law enforcementis currently being revisited by many experts in fighting back against organized hate group terrorism.

In the 2006 report, federal courts determined that members of a Los Angeles Sheriff’s department had organized a Neo Nazi gang. The officers involved did not keep their racist ideas to themselves either, as the FBI found that these same officers “habitually terrorized” the African American community.

The FBI also found that the Chicago police department fired a detective after it was discovered that he had strong ties to the Ku Klux Klan. That detective, Jon Burge, was found to have tortured over 100 African American suspects.

The City of Cleveland, in news lately for their shooting of Tamir Rice, and other extreme instances of police gunning down unarmed African Americans, found that police locker rooms had been overrun with “white power” graffiti and vandalism.

In Texas, a sheriff department found that two of their deputies not only were in the Klan, but were actually prominent recruiters for the hate group.

Law enforcers have been involved in the killings of Black people since slavery days. Cops and deputies were even directly or indirectly involved in many past massacres of Black people like in Rosewood, Tulsa, Chicago and St. Louis.

Don’t get it twisted. Most law enforcers are good people. They know how to deescalate a situation without killing unarmed people.

About videos, videos are always good when you’re trying to indict or convict someone but they are never revealing when a beating or a shooting takes place.

Lawyer’s will say, “Well the video doesn’t show all of the angles” or “it doesn’t show the victim attacking the officer”.

If it doesn’t show the wrongful police murder it also doesn’t show the speeder or the shoplifter or the domestic violence!

Thank God for law enforcers like Nakia Jones. Nakia Jones, a police officer working in Cleveland, Ohio, had some harsh, much-needed words for her colleagues following the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile in police shootings.

I think Officer Nakia was suspended after her comments but her community should demand that she be put back on the force. Her son could have been the Black male that was shot and killed for wrong reasons.

Every elected official votes on municipal budgets that include millions of dollars for training. If police officers are not trained how to resolve a situation without murder, all of the elected officials in your town should be personally liable for damages suffered by victimized families.

And, if Black activists, militants, radicals and revolutionaries are not welcome to become members of law enforcement agencies then white racists, white supremacists, neo-nazis and ku klux klansmen should not be welcome either!

Tell the truth and stop all of the cover ups! And, pay victimized families more than you pay lawyers to keep them from getting compensated!

By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net


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