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The National Campaign to Save Marcus Garvey’s (UNIA) Historic Liberty Hall Building


Liberty Hall
Liberty Hall

AFRICANGLOBE – The community organizing efforts to save the Marcus Garvey Building, which is registered as a National Historic Landmark is about to launch its National Campaign to Save Marcus Garvey (U.N.I.A) Liberty Hall Building and Overcomers of Hope Studios and Television/Digital Arts Media Training program for youth.

In addition, the fight to save Liberty Hall is a fight to save real community services also housed in Liberty Hall, such as West Oakland Referral Center which has a expunge program for ex-offenders, soup kitchen, job listings for the unemployed, a utility program to lower your utility cost, and a COGIC ministry all inside Liberty Hall. Liberty Hall has been the cornerstone of the African American community in West Oakland for over 100 years.

This great building is a living museum with amazing pictures and office space to rent out to community rooted organizations. You have to see the place for yourself! With any National Campaign we have a Campaign Plan and specific roles and responsibilities for each Director/Department. Currently we need volunteers, bodies to help canvassers outreach in the community and phone bankers to reach out to Press, small businesses, non-profits, churches, and political organizations that actually serves and empowers community members.

I have been humbly assigned with the responsibility as FIELD DIRECTOR and “Gary Whitaker” has been designated the intermediate VOLUNTEERS COORDINATOR for the “Save the Marcus Garvey (U.N.I.A) Liberty Hall Building” campaign. We need committed bodies willing to donate their time and skills to get out in the community and mobilize the people. We need your support, if you want to help win a national campaign to save a Black National Historic Landmark, let us know, we
will plug you in!

Brief Description:

Did you hear about the foreclosure of the historic Marcus Garvey Liberty Hall in Oakland, California!? Yes! It’s happening! Take Action Now and save this national landmark and one of only two in the country! Liberty Hall which is located at 1485th st in the heart of the Black community in West Oakland has also housed The Black Pullman Porters (1st African American Union and Father Divine at one point in African American history in the West Coast!) This is the only Liberty Hall still in existence that Garvey purchased in the entire West Coast, and one of only two original U.N.I.A buildings left in the country, the other one is located in Harlem, New York.

We need all hands on deck, call to action, and direct action. Citi Bank, Citi Property Holdings, Inc Hedge Fund bought twenty properties, and Liberty Hall was one of those properties! The Hedge Fund claims they were not aware Liberty Hall was registered as a Historic National Landmark! Liberty Hall is having ongoing Town Hall Meetings inside Liberty Hall every Saturday and the next community meeting is this Saturday, Dec. 23, 2012 at 4 p.m.

All Town Hall meetings will be live streamed inside the Marcus Garvey building. Liberty Hall’s # is (510) 893-5103. Take Action Now with the Black community, pleasee must save the current Community Information and Referral Center and the Overcomers of Hope (OWH) Television/Video Digital Arts Media Technology Program for the youth inside Liberty Hall. We have to save this real community asset and national landmark and jewel in Pan African History.


  • The Campaign needs volunteers and skilled organizers/coalition building support
  • The Campaign needs the National physical and online petition signed and mailed back to Liberty Hall: 1485 8th A2
  • Chester Street, Oakland, CA, 94607
  • The Campaign needs Organizational/Individual support through Letters
  • The campaigns needs a solid Legal team to aid the Legal Advisor
  • The campaign needs donations, gifts, supplies, and good words of support through letters

Sign & SHARE the PETITION, take action NOW!

You can sign the Change.org petition here

Please join the “Save the Marcus Garvey (U.N.I.A) Building” FACEBOOK Page:

Sho’mane Tour’e
National Campaign Field Director
Oakland, California
(510) 350-7798

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