Any Negro Won’t Do – The Gantt Raport

Any Negro Won't Do - The Gantt Raport
Lucius Gantt dedicated his life to informing and defending Black peoples around the word

AFRICANGLOBE – Success is always the best revenge! When people constantly tell you that you are no good, you are inferior, you are incompetent, you are unworthy and that everybody is better and more professional than you all you have to do is make things happen!

Just win baby!

I’m still in country Sint Maarten in the Caribbean where I took on the task of helping one of the islands most powerful politicians cruse to a reelection victory.

For many years his political party excelled in the role of “opposition party” but today they are celebrating a new position as unquestioned leaders of a coalition of political parties that gives my guy and his coalition complete political control of country Sint Maarten!

A good man is never honored in his own country and the same is true about good Black political consultants!

The political party of choice for America’s African American voters is the Democratic Party but it seems no matter how many votes we cast for Democratic candidates, no matter how much money we contribute to Democratic coffers and no matter how many weeks, days and hours we spend doing volunteer work for Democratic candidates we seem to never get an opportunity to make decisions for Democrats and we never the chance to run or manage campaigns for Democratic Party candidates and it doesn’t matter if the candidates are White or Black!

Now is the time for Democrats nationwide to get rid of losers they have been hiring year after year to work on losing campaign after losing campaign!

Give the Black political professionals a chance! No political consultant of any race, creed or color can be worse than the pale consultants that been hired by national, state and local Democratic Parties and Democratic candidates.

Give the Black media owners a chance, give the Black printers a chance, give the Black mailers a chance, give the Black caterers a chance, give the Black pollsters a chance and damn it give the Black voters that are the Democratic Party’s most loyal supporters an opportunity to participate in political purchasing transactions made by the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates in every city, county and state in North America!

A vote is a vote. If Black political professionals can generate political votes in the Caribbean, generate votes in Africa and generate votes in other parts of the world, they can generate votes in the United States!

I live in Florida and I’m especially concerned about what happens to Black political professionals and Black voters in the Sunshine State.

To paraphrase singer Bill Withers, there won’t be any sunshine for the Democratic Pare for when we’re gone. All Republicans or some other opposition party has to do is spend money with Black political professionals and Black owned media and enough Black voters will drop their love of Democrats like you drop a bad habit!

I don’t know if Allison Tant, the Florida Democratic Chairperson, reads The Gantt Report but she should. If Black political consultants are sought by political candidates worldwide because they have winning political strategies, Tant should seek to hire winning Black political professionals too!

And, the old, outdated Democratic idea that “any Negro will do” must be discredited and abandoned immediately!

Encourage and motivate your base, Democrats! Spend some serious money and you’ll get some serious Black support!

And, “duh”, if you keep hiring losers you will obviously keep on losing.


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at