Neo-Nazi and KKK Grand Dragon Seek to Turn North Dakota Town Into White Supremacist Enclave

Neo-Nazi and KKK Grand Dragon Seek to Turn North Dakota Town Into White Supremacist Enclave
White supremacist Craig Cobb has refused to leave the town

AFRICANGLOBE – In Leith, North Dakota, residents are fearing a neo-Nazi takeover after Craig Cobb, an extreme White supremacist wanted in Canada on federal charges of hate crimes, started buying up land in the tiny agricultural town.

According to country records, Cobb has since transferred ownership of two lots – one to Tom Metzger, a former grand dragon of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in California and another to Alex Linder, originator of the Vanguard News Network website.

Leith Major, Ryan Schock, said residents of the town are up in arms and demanding more information about Cobb’s investments in real estate after learning of his plans to let people fly Nazi flags and target city election with the aim of introducing neo-Nazi laws, Bismark Tribune reported.

People in the community are trying to work out what they can do about the situation.

Cobb has failed to comment on the accusations, however, according to Mark Potok from Hatewatch, a civil rights group in Alabama that monitors hate crimes and hate advocates across the United States, people should be concerned:

“He’s one of the most vicious neo-Nazi activists around,” he told BismarkTribune.

Potok claims that the fact Cobb was able to purchase so much property before anyone realized the object of his intentions constitutes the most successful attempt so far to create an all White enclave – adding that Cobb most likely picked Leith because North Dakota is 90 percent White.

In response, Leith residents are buying up land in an effort to keep it out of Cobb’s hands. Moreover, people are knocking on his door to offer to buy back land as well as preaching the Gospel.  The City Council is also looking into potential ordinances or health code violations.

“He can’t take away the community… People will resist this. My best guess is that it will fall apart as a result of being exposed, “ Potok said.


By: Jodie Gummow