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Netanyahu Takes A Step Too Far As He Attempts To Isolate President Obama


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Netanyahu Takes A Step Too Far As He Attempts To Isolate President Obama
Pro Israel lobbyist are attempting to dictate American foreign policy

AFRICANGLOBE – Israel’s casino-funded Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, increasingly appears as a latter-day Fritz Haber who has achieved notoriety by the illegal settlements that continue to provoke such widespread anger, worldwide.

Now, of course, the recently unauthorised invitation by a faction of the Republican Party to the Israeli leader to address the U.S. congress is seen by both sides of the House as an affront to government, and there is a growing demand for it to be withdrawn.

The question is apparently: does the American public really want a self- serving Israeli politician – who only exists courtesy of casino gambling money and the AIPAC lobby – to come to New York to dictate to the White House his demands regarding American foreign policy in an attempt to bolster his own re-election chances as prime minister?

There is a growing body of opinion that Netanyahu and the Israel lobby have over-reached themselves in trying to isolate the democratically elected President of the United States and that they are now perceived as attempted hijackers of elected government.

The question now, across the political divide, is for how much longer will the Netanyahu tail be allowed to wag the compliant American congress dog, whenever it wants most of its 535 members to bark in unison?

It certainly appears that US foreign policy is dictated by political lobbyists who are way out of anyone’s control. And, if true, that is a tragedy for American democracy.


By: Anthony Bellchambers


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