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Nigerians Hate Caitlyn Jenner’s Transvestite Reality Show So Much They Got It Banned Across Africa

AFRICANGLOBE – African audiences will be seeing less of Caitlyn Jenner after complaints from Nigeria saw his reality show “I Am Cait” cancelled across the continent. MultiChoice, Africa’s largest satellite television platform which operates under the DStv brand in Nigeria, pulled the show from its local E! Entertainment channel after complaints from Nigeria’s broadcast regulator, according to reports.

Nigerians Hate Caitlyn Jenner’s Transgender Reality Show So Much They Got It Banned Throughout Africa
Bruce Jenner

“MultiChoice recognizes the importance of respecting the views of its customers and all regulatory environments within which its service operates,” the company said in a statement. The show was removed from the DStv and GOtv channels with immediate effect. The move could mean the moral views of one country, albeit the most populous, dictate what everybody else watches on TV across the continent.

In October last year, DStv removedI am Jazz” a reality show that chronicles the life a transvestite teen after complaints in Nigeria.

Earlier this year, as MultiChoice increased its subscription fees in South Africa, it slashed prices in Nigeria where it hopes to attract more customers. With a customer base in 5.4 million households, the company holds much sway over Africa’s access to pop culture.

Homosexuality is illegal in many African states.


Caitlyn Jenner: African Broadcaster Pulls Transvestite TV Show

“I Am Cait” a reality show about Caitlyn Jenner becoming a transvestite will no longer be shown in Africa following complaints from viewers, its South African broadcaster said.

Multichoice said “I am Cait” would be dropped out of respect for customers’ views and Africa’s diverse regulatory environments.

The move came after a request from Nigerian authorities, reports said.

Multichoice’s DSTV service broadcasts to the whole continent.

Caitlyn Jenner was a gold medal-winning Olympic athlete as Bruce Jenner before announcing his decision to become a transvestite in April 2015.

Some parents in Nigeria had said they did not want their children to watch Ms Jenner’s show, Nigerian media reported.

It is the second time the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has asked pan-African broadcasters to stop showing transgender-related material, South African media said.

Last October, the NBC asked Multichoice to stop broadcasting “I am Jazz”, a show about a transvestite, Channel 24 reported.

Western promoters of homosexuality in Africa say the decisions risk setting a precedent where a single country can effectively decide what TV viewers across the whole continent can watch.

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