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Your Non-Black Friends Secretly Love Donald Trump’s Racism – The Gantt Report


You Non-Black Friends Secretly Love Donald Trump's Racism - The Gantt Report
The vast majority of white Americans agree with what Trump is doing.

AFRICANGLOBE – Don’t be so surprised if your political representatives, coworkers, classmates, neighbors and friends are reluctant to criticize President Donald Trump’s racist comments and Tweets about members of Congress that are women.

They are quiet because they like it!

Too many of the people that you consider to be fair, considerate, non-racial, unbiased, attractive and socially desirable are, in reality, racial hypocrites who are somewhat overjoyed when a Black child gets shot, a Black woman gets hung in a jail cell or when a Black man is beaten and dragged behind a pickup truck on the nearest old town road!

Yes, the wicked Caesar living in The White House has no intention of doing the right thing, loving his Black neighbors, speaking and Tweeting the truth, obeying the US Constitution or serving all of America’s people.

He and his pack of political puppets frequently use code words and code slogans like “make America great again” but they really aspire to make America white again!

The current target for vitriol is Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and three other members of Congress that are women.

“Send her back” chants led by the President at his political rallies are inappropriate and illegal. All four of the targeted Representatives in Congress are Americans, by birth in the country or by naturalization.

I wonder what would happen if you or I suggested racist bigots should go back to the caves where they came from?

Yes, some of the people you love do not deserve your affection and attention. The wolves that you like to adore at work, at school, at church and at the neighborhood association meeting are merely wolves in sheep’s clothing!

You can’t act like the wolves act, you can’t Tweet like the wolves Tweet and you’d better not talk like the mangy, bloody jawed political wolves!

All you can do is understand who you are dealing with and resist ongoing disrespect, disdain and wolf disinterest in you freedom, justice and equality!

You can’t stop racial hatred with social media posts. Stop thinking that wolves will ever love a Black sheep that is afraid to stand up, speak out and defend himself, his family and his community!

The political wolf is tricky. He will compliment you, promote you, congratulate you and smile at you when he’s with you but when he gets home and dons his sheet or nazi uniform, then he will refer to you as a “n*gger”!

If you are not hearing outbursts, cries for righteousness and goodwill towards all men and women from your coworkers, classmates, congregation members and elected officials, the voices of the oppressed, exploited and victims of racism and hatred are being overcome by the silence of the wolves!

An army of sheep led by a lion can easily defeat and replace an army of wolves led by a lying, racist clown!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net

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