Norway Massacre And the Rise of Right-Wing Terrorism

As the world mourns the awful Norway terrorist attack, one question to consider is: does this incident symbolize the rise of Western right-wing extremism?

Last Friday, 32-year-old Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik killed 76 fellow Norwegians in two separate but coordinated attacks. Breivik, the son of former Norwegian diplomat Jens David Breivik, was arraigned on terrorism charges Monday and is being held in solitary confinement.

The assaults transpired within 90 minutes of each another. The second strike, by far the deadliest, killed 68 people on the island of Utoya. The first strike, which killed eight, was with explosives that ripped through a government complex housing the offices of the prime minister. The bombing was likely a diversion, so Breivik—dressed in a police uniform—could gun down scores of children attending a summer camp on Utoya Island in the second attack.

“I believe that Norway will change. We will have a Norway before and a Norway after the bomb attack and the killing,” said Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. “But I believe at the same time that Norway will be possible to recognize. We will still be a society which is very clear on our values of democracy, of openness and a society where we welcome people to be active, participate in political work in a way where they can feel safe.”

In his Internet manifesto, posted before the attacks, Breivik railed against immigration, multiculturalism and Muslims. He claimed he was compelled to act to preserve Christian Europe from non-White hordes and their White liberal appeasers.

In a diary—which is part of his White supremacist manifesto—he described multiculturalism as “an anti-European hate ideology designed to deconstruct European cultures and traditions, European identities, European Christendom and even European nation-states. And, as such, it is an evil genocidal ideology created for the sole purpose of annihilating everything European.”

Breivik claims he’s “the greatest defender of cultural-conservatism in Europe since 1950.” He also described himself as “the savior of Christianity.” Talk about delusions of grandeur.

Unfortunately, this tragedy emanates from the right-wing fanaticism; so-called Christian fundamentalism and anti-immigration hysteria now being used to inflame the resurgence of prejudice among Whites in Europe and America. We must become vigilant of this reality. Today, there are numerous entities seemingly hell-bent on sparking and igniting religious wars and racial conflicts.

Make no mistake about it, Breivik and those disciples of hate espousing his form of perverted prejudice are nothing more than terrorist murderers. What makes Breivik, who claims to be Christian, while slaughtering innocent civilians, any better than Al-Qaeda and others who misrepresent Islam? Many were quick to assume the attack was done by Muslims, as The Wall Street Journal concluded in its first editorial after the massacre.

Supposedly, Christians would never engage in the murder of innocent people. Fundamentalism cuts both ways and have always been a threat.

Weren’t the genocide of Indians and Africans perpetrated by those who described themselves as “Christian?” And what about those, here in America, who’ve repeatedly hinted that they would like to liquidate President Obama including Christian pastors who have prayed for his death?

Aren’t many of these wolves dressed in Christian clothing? In addition to several pastors preaching hate against President Obama Arizona pastor Steve Anderson said he was praying for the president’s death, even while gun-toting wing-nuts, like those in the white militia movement, were turning out at rallies?

Those who broadcast publish and perpetuate hate against those who don’t look or “worship” like them are now distancing themselves from Breivik’s homicidal handiwork. Others have defended him. Mario Borghezio, an Italian politician, said the Norway massacre was “The fault of a multi-racial society” which he deems “disgusting.”

Far-Right French National Front politician Jacques Coutela called Breivik “an icon” likening him to Charles Martel the European military leader known for defeating a Muslim army in the 739 Battle of Tours. Swedish politician Erik Hellsborn declared “in a Norwegian Norway this tragedy would never have happened.” In other words, it wouldn’t happen in an all-White Norway.

Breivik is said to have admired the works of fascist, and racist, intellectual ideologues, some of whom are American, like Bruce Bawer and Robert Spencer. The New York born Bawer is the author of “While Europe Slept,” an attack on multiculturalism and Islam. And, Spencer’s anti-Islamic writings were heavily quoted in Breivik’s manifesto.

Some Europeans—like Americans—are now railing about the scourge of immigration. In Norway, a poll found 50 percent of Norwegians think immigration should be stopped. Apparently, some Europeans, like some Americans, are busy scapegoating immigrants, as right-wing populism mushrooms, with the ascendancy of right-wing politicians like: France’s Nicholas Sarkozy, Italy’s Silvio Belusconi, Norway’s Carl Hagen, and France’s Marie Le Pen.

However, these same sanctimonious hypocrites often remain deaf, dumb and blind when their countries are pillaging, and enriching themselves, from the natural resources coming from the countries of these very immigrants. Isn’t the European Scramble for Africa responsible for much of Europe’s current prosperity? And isn’t there a direct correlation between poverty in the immigrants’ land and the wealth now concentrated in the West?

Do people like Breivik even comprehend what would happen if their countries were cut off from places like Africa, which is the primary breadbasket of many European powers?

The isolationist incitement rhetoric of ideological zealots and religious fanatics must be neutralized. For, the poison of prejudice has again been reignited and is spreading. We must stop it. Otherwise, the fire this time may destroy us all.