Two NYPD Cops Killed In Ambush In Brooklyn

Two NYPD Cops Killed In Ambush in Brooklyn
NYPD officers

AFRICANGLOBE -Two New York City police officers were killed today when they were ambushed as they sat in their patrol vehicle in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, city officials said.

The suspect in the shooting was also dead, of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, the officials said.

The gunman walked up to the officers sitting inside a patrol car and opened fire shortly before 3 p.m., officials said.

The suspect ran into a nearby subway station and shot himself, officials.

Hours after the shooting, dozens of police in tactical gear cordoned off a roughly three-block area around the site of the shooting, while other officers watched over the scene from rooftops in the area.

The shooting comes at a time when police nationwide are being heavily criticized for the deaths of unarmed Black men. In New York City, Eric Garner, a Black man was strangled to death on a Staten Island sidewalk.

“I can’t breathe” — words Garner could be heard gasping during his arrest, which was captured on an amateur video — have become a rallying cry for demonstrators across the country.

One city councilman told WABC-TV in New York that the shooting in Brooklyn was “the worst thing that could have happened.”

Until today, no NYPD officer had been fatally shot since December 2011, when Peter Figoski, a 22-year veteran, responded to a report of a break-in at a Brooklyn apartment and was shot in the face by one of the suspects hiding in a side room. The shooter, Lamont Pride, was convicted of murder and sentenced in 2013 to 45 years to life in prison.


  1. All Creatures ‘Life Matter
    “Thou shall not kill,” said the Bible.
    This is no joke, this is not a fable.

    All creatures’ lives matter
    All types of life matter
    Black men’s lives matter
    Police lives matter.

    We need to respect each other,
    So we can protect each other.
    The world should celebrate love daily,
    As we need to thank the Great God daily.

    All lives matter
    Black lives matter
    White lives matter
    All lives matter.

    We tend to ignore the basic principles,
    Blame or pity the messengers or the disciples.
    Whoever commits a crime is a criminal,
    Regardless of the explanation or the poll.

    Death always brings pain,
    It is a loss. Murder is a mortal sin.
    All lives really matter.
    All human lives matter

    “Thou shall commit murder,” said the Almighty God.
    There is no fun in hurting another being; in fact, this is sad.

    All lives matter
    Black lives matter
    Police lives matter
    All lives matter.

    We can breathe common sense,
    But we can’t breathe nonsense.

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    Hébert Logerie is the author of several poetry books.
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