NYPD Officer Caught On Body Cam Getting “Oral” From Subordinate

NYPD Officer Caught On Body Cam Getting "Oral" From Subordinate
The NYPD is notoriously corrupt.

AFRICANGLOBE – The NYPD is investigating two Brooklyn police officers for allegedly having sex in a patrol car, after the cops managed to inadvertently record their raunchy rendezvous on a body-worn camera, according to multiple reports.

In another serious blow to the department’s reputation, both the Post and the Daily News are reporting the existence of body camera footage that depicts a police officer performing oral sex on a male sergeant during a recent shift patrolling East New York.

The sources who spoke with the newspaper said the recording featured audio of the five-o fellatio, as well as the intimate conversation that followed. According to the News, the camera was accidentally turned on by the sergeant as he attempted to remove it from the other officer’s shirt.

An NYPD spokesperson confirmed that “these claims are under internal review,” but would not say whether the officers had been transferred or whether the department explicitly prohibits sex between officers who are on-duty. Until last year, it was not illegal for police officersto have sex with people in their custody.

It is not the first time that the body cameras—currently worn by about 21,000 of the department’s 30,000 officers—have captured private police moments. In December, a detective in Brooklyn was suspended for using another cop’s camera to capture a 30-second video of his testicles.

Elsewhere, states with more transparent body camera policies than ours have been treated to the public release of videos showing sexual encounters of police officers—which actually might be an argument in favor of classifying body camera footage, I suppose.

But while the NYPD’s body camera recordings have been kept private since the devices were introduced, a New York appeals court ruled last month that the footage was not part of officers’ private personnel records, and could thus be made public.

We will update this post if and when we obtain a copy of the video, following what is sure to be a lengthy editorial discussion.


By: Jake Offenhartz